developing own art style

How to Create Your Own Art Style

Developing own art style is vital to stand out among the competition. If you want to be a successful illustrator it can help open many doors.

Learning institutions exist to help young minds find their way in the world. From sharing inspiring and practical tips, and introducing software relevant to the industry to issuing the best art supplies, schools like CIIT Philippines give arts and design students all the necessary tools and skills required to jumpstart their careers. 

However, it’s not enough to simply supply learners with the fundamentals for the professional world. Every true artist has their distinct art style and developing your interpretation of the world is vital to stand out among the competition. If you want to be a successful illustrator, improving your art will open many doors of opportunities. 

Expanding your artistic approach

The truth is that developing your art style is easier said than done. So how can a budding artist find their signature style? Here are some tips for Filipino students to discover their unique art style.

Make a lot of art

developing own art style

At CIIT, you’ll take up a multitude of relevant courses, such as how to learn design, drawing, animation, color theory, and more. And while learning the principles and proper tools is essential, being able to apply these skills and instruments will dictate what your art style will be. How can you apply what you learned in your quest to train your technique in arts?

Having lots of practice. 

By creating multiple copies of many different original works, you’ll be able to hone your skills and determine what makes your craft unique–you might find common similarities or strokes that you think define your style. Think about Van Gogh or Michelangelo with their distinct styles and revolutionary takes on their perception of art in their times. Who’s to say you can’t be like them, too?

The key to improving your approach to art is to stay motivated. Remember to set aside time to practice your skills and create pieces you genuinely care about! Take inspiration from anything from your life, such as your emotions, memories, current events, or things that interest you. 

Always experiment

developing own art style

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone, so you should push your boundaries and try something new from time to time. You shouldn’t be afraid to broaden your experience before narrowing your focus. You might even find your specialty before developing an art style that suits you best. 

You might ask–how can I experiment and go beyond my comfort zone? Signing up for short courses or workshops can help you explore new things. CIIT provides specialist courses on top of the programs we already offer, so if you’re the type who wants to be a step ahead of your peers, you can explore signing up for illustration, animation, and even game design courses if you’re up for the challenge! 

Gather works from artists that inspire you

developing own art style

When working on your own art style, it would be helpful to draw inspiration from other people you admire. It would help if you had a Pinterest board or a digital mood board that compiles some of the best works of the artists you look up to. Researching up-and-coming designers can be a source of inspiration, too. Since they’re growing in popularity for a reason, they’re most likely doing something that nobody has done in the past and you can learn from the new ways they approach art.

For example, Andy Warhol made waves in the world of pop culture for his distinct pop art. Meanwhile, Leonardo da Vinci is known for works that exude realism. If you’re more into graffiti styles, you should look into Banksy. We can’t underplay the fact that our world also revolves around human expression, which is art. That’s why there will never be a shortage of inspiration and great minds whom you take notes from.

Create what you love

developing own art style

Because you intend to become an artist for a living, you might fall victim to overthinking what others might appreciate. Working in multimedia arts in the Philippines entails creating pieces to make clients happy. However, people-pleasing won’t help you find what makes your works unique. 

If you don’t enjoy what you’re doing, you’ll end up miserable in the long run. You should create what makes you happy personally. Doing what you love won’t feel like work at all, and the right people will appreciate what you have to offer as an artist.

Give yourself time

developing own art style

The truth is that developing your art style is a continuous process. You should enjoy the journey and try not to be too hard on yourself. With patience and determination, you’ll find your unique voice and discover your place in the art world. 

A world full of inspiration

developing own art style

As a community of innovators, CIIT Philippines provides industry-ready programs that utilize the latest technology. To help aspiring artists hone their craft and succeed in the real world. Our students have access to the latest digital tools and mentors who can impart real-world skills. We take pride in being a hub of innovation for motivated artists, tech enthusiasts, and business founders of the next generation.

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