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Things to Do to Help You Get on a 3D Animation Program

Are you an arts enthusiast who wants to fulfill your passion for 3D animation or an incoming college freshman who wishes to explore this field? If you’re either of these, then you should go to a 3D animation school. Yet while you must still find the right college, you may start by learning the basics and by training yourself. Then, you’ll get clues on what to expect when you attend the best 3D animation school for art buffs and aspiring animators like you. Read more.

Self-Help Tips to Hone Your Skills

1. Draw on your sketchbook.

Even if you want to learn 3D, drawing on a sketchbook can still help hone your creative skills. Everything 3D starts with it. Further, any 3D school you choose will ask you to do it. Without a digital drawing tablet or any computer-operated drawing pad, it will be easy for instructors to gauge your ability in drawing and sketching. Likewise, when you look back after years of using a sketchbook, you’ll see how well you’ve grown in your craft.

Hence, it’s important for you to know how to draw people, animals, and sceneries because it will help you succeed in the field.

2. Read more about the principles of animation.

Another best way to grasp the basics of 3D animation and its principles is to read useful reference books and online sources. Further, you may watch videos on 3D animation tutorials, too. Choose those that give you a, rather, thorough explanation of animation procedures, tips on easy yet effective techniques, and practical applications. Otherwise, familiarize yourself with the terms, so it will be easy for you to catch up with the lessons.

Then again, if you already have enough experience or exposure in animation, you should use books loaded with advanced approaches.

3. Challenge yourself with a few 2D animation exercises.

After reading books and watching tutorials, measure how well you learned from them. You may start by doing 2D animation exercises because it serves as 3D’s cornerstone. Further, download an animation program you can use to test 2D animation. Now, get ready with your tablet to make an old-style hand-drawn animation.

Doing animation exercises gives you a head start, rather, on what you’ll be busy with when you enroll in an animation course.

4. Step up with 3D animation.

As you can see, learning 3D animation will take you a long time before you can master it. You’ll only understand how it works once you have enough knowledge of 2D. Then, what you should do next is to install and use 3D computer graphics software. Autodesk’s Maya is the most popular among animators. Download the free trial version and explore it. In addition, study its interface and graph editor so working through it becomes easy.

Further, if you’re having a hard time using this free tool, get help from websites that offer thousands of tutorials. Most sites, though, offer paid services or ask for regular subscriptions.

Expectations When Attending the Best 3D Animation School

1. Learn the course’s subjects and fundamentals.

More than just animating objects, 3D concerns other factors, too, that will help you excel in this field. Besides, it involves typography, colors, video, audio, storyboard, and even web design. Possible learning areas may include video and/or audio editing, web authoring design, digital publishing, color theory, digital storyboarding, and many others.

2. Know the current trends.

As a creative discipline, 3D evolves so fast, requiring both teachers and students to cope with the recent trends. For such, you must have an open mind and be willing to try all modern creative design suite software and improve your skills. Likewise, even professional animators must update their knowledge and practice their talents to advance their career.

3. Build your portfolio.

In taking an animation course, you’ll gain a lot of returns. You not only widen your knowledge and develop your creative skills, but you likewise build your own portfolio, your key to boosting your marketability toward securing a job. In addition, compile and organize your artworks on a webpage to impress hiring managers and potential clients. Remember, though, it’s not enough to showcase your skill set using a portfolio. Further, show how unique you are, too.

With your passion and willingness, it’s easy for you to realize how to learn animation at home. Master this field, and you’ll see opportunities coming your way because it offers several career paths in various industries, such as design, film, game development, and business advertising.

Now, have you found the best 3D animation school? CIIT offers animation classes for beginners and art lovers. Enroll in its 3D Animation Specialist course.


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