Great Career Opportunities for Computer Programming Graduates

Great Career Opportunities for Computer Programming Graduates

It goes without saying that computers will play a key role in the future of society. That’s why a lot of people have chosen to pursue a professional path in the world of technology. The possibilities in computers are endless and it’s expected to remain relevant in the years to come. 

Now that you’ve learned basic programming languages, and have amassed knowledge on coding, what comes next? Well, it’s time for you to join the ‘real world’ and climb the ladder of success. After you’re done with your Programming Courses, what kind of jobs are you qualified for anyway?

Well, the good news is that there’s a lot of programming jobs for you to choose from. To give you an idea of the bright future ahead of you, here are some popular career options in the world of computer programming courses:

1. Software Application Developer

software application developers in a meeting

This person is the creative mastermind behind applications for mobile devices. While some developers may be focused on a particular software or app, some create giant networks that help other programs. It’s important for you to have a “bigger picture” mentality and the ability to collaborate with others in order to be a good developer who can bring ideas to life. It’s also essential that you know coding basics and that you have an aptitude for mathematics.  

2. Web Developer

one popular career that programming graduates take is being a web developer

This person is in charge of creating and maintaining websites. This professional is also tasked with the site’s technical aspects, such as its capacity and performance. These factors determine the website’s speed and how much traffic a website can handle. In short, this person is the creator and the one who fixes it when somebody ‘breaks that internet.’ In order to show you’re a good web developer, you need to have a portfolio of work as well as a deep understanding of coding. 

3. Computer Systems Engineer

computer programming graduate practices being a computer systems engineer

This person essentially oversees the overall engineering, business, and management aspects of a system or project. He also ensures that all parts work together properly. This person usually collaborates with clients or other stakeholders to understand system needs, and also works with developers to determine the right next steps to fix an issue. This career is ideal for very business-savvy people. 

4. Database Administrator

database administrator ensures databases function efficiently

Fundamentally, this person ensures databases function efficiently. He is in charge of securing, organizing, and troubleshooting storage for large amounts of companies in the digital space. He also makes sure that data are available to users as allowed, and secure from unauthorized personnel. This career is best for people who love analyzing and recovering information and possess fast problem-solving skills as well. 

5. Computer Systems Analyst

the computer systems analyst studying and programming an organization’s computer systems and procedures

Also known as a system architect, this person is in charge of studying an organization’s current computer systems and procedures. He also designs solutions in order for the organization to operate more efficiently and effectively. To be a good computer system analyst, you need to have a good understanding of computer coding as well as know the business side of computers. After all, he’ll be in charge of recommending software and hardware upgrades for organizations to function well. 

6. Software Quality Assurance (QA) Engineer

software quality assurance engineer is tasked with monitoring the development process to make sure that the design and software adhere to the standard quality of the company

This person is tasked with monitoring every phase of the development process to make sure that the design and software adhere to the standard quality of the company. He is also in charge of reviewing software designs for functionality and potential problems. Software delays can cost an organization a lot of money, so this person makes sure the organization stays within budget and delivers output on time. 

7. Business Intelligence (BI) Analyst

business intelligence analysts transform data into insights that help drive business value

This person essentially transforms data into insights that help drive business value. Through the power of data analytics, data visualization, and data modeling techniques and technologies, this person has the capability to identify trends that can help other people within the organization make business decisions for the modernity and improvement of processes within that organization. 

8. Computer Programmer 

computer programmer creating code for software applications and operating systems

This professional is tasked with creating code for software applications and operating systems. Basically, after a software developer creates a computer program, this person writes the code that converts the design of the program into a set of instructions that a computer can follow. He also tests the program in order to check for errors and continues rewriting it until it is error-free. In addition to this, he also continuously evaluates the program and updates or adjusts it as needed. 

These are only some of the career options Computer Programming graduates have once they get their degree. What’s so exciting about this job is that as technology advances, so does the opportunity to learn more, and make amazing things happen. Before you enter the world of computer programming though, you need to learn the basics. 

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