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Graphics Design School-Philippines Offers a Real-World Vibe

Education is more than just acquiring new ideas and developing skills. Some students may not be aware of this but learning offers a life-changing opportunity if only students can apply what they are learning. Tertiary education currently offers a big break. Here’s how.

Lifelong Learning

Living in the so-called “digital era” is truly remarkable. Through modern technology and innovations, people are given bigger and better options.In recent times, incoming college freshmen are offered with a whole new set of exciting college degrees and specialist courses. As day progresses, most of the traditional courses are becoming obsolete. So, incoming freshmen are encouraged to get courses that can help them obtain rewarding careers in the future.

CIIT College of Arts and Technology, a leading IT-digital art school in the Philippines, believes that students must be given a chance to prove their talent and worth while attending schooling. One good way to do it is by giving them training opportunities that can further enhance their artistic skills and multiply their extraordinary experiences.

Good news, this educational institution has recently inked an agreement with the local food sector clusters. This exclusive project entails students’ creation of design for various Philippine food exports.Among these include delicacies, wines, calamansi, and biscuits.

With this agreement, CIIT is certain that its students will get to develop their craftsmanship and will consider this opportunity as a lifelong learning experience.

The Power of Graphic Design

Succeeding in the industry is about creating globally competitive graphical illustrations. Thus, with the new partnership, CIIT expects that participating students will create jaw-dropping masterpieces in the forms of:

–      web sites
–      logos
–      brochure designs

While these tasks may appear simple, in truth, they are not. Conceptualization, for one, already poses a huge challenge for the designers and the food clusters’ representatives. As this phase involves both ideas from two different parties,it would take days to simply meet and satisfy both ends. Above all, there must be state-of-the-art facilities, technical tools, and materials. There must also be up-to-date software application tools and graphics editing programs.

Below are some of the components necessary in the final outputs:

Development of a commercial web site

Designers ought to create a successful site by following certain guidelines and steps. A good site should have interesting pages and quality content. Also, it has to look professional and should be easy to navigate.

Creation of logo

A business logo must always serve its purposes— convey the message to target audiences and enhance the business’ identity. Thus, designers should craft an emblem that is memorable, distinctive, appropriate, versatile, practical, simple, and timeless.

Designing of brochure

This is no easy task; but good designers expertly know what to put on every page and what concept to use. They often give consideration to fonts, images, color combinations, statements, and the very purpose of the catalog.

CIIT’s partnership with food sector clusters is a strategic move to bring Filipino artistic talents to the spotlight.Surely, it is packaging that will get global exposure.

Want to know more about graphics design in the Philippines? Ask CIIT. Send your questions to info@ciit-ph.com or contact (+63)2-411-1196 or (+63)2-441-0737.

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