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Graphics Design Courses in the Philippines: 4 Common Myths

If you’ve already declared your interest to take up graphic design courses in the Philippines, you could have heard them— deathless but definitely untrue judgments that keep you from designing in silence. If you’re one with us, here’s a list of these myths and snappy replies to disprove them:

1.   You have to be good in drawing.

Ah, the unceasing question about your drawing abilities. Though it doesn’t hurt to have the pencil prowess in graphic design, you’ll be using the keyboard and the mouse for about 80% of your job. Just in case they’re still confused, remind them that Graphic Design is a different animal from Fine Arts.

If you’re (again) faced with this annoying question, say:

“I can’t paint realistic murals like Amorsolo, but neither can he create an infographic like I do.”

2.   It’s all Photoshop.

Let’s admit: most of the Generation Y knows how to use Photoshop. But Digital Arts is not really about this comfortable software. Yes, Photoshop tutorials are everywhere, but mind you, there a lot of other software you need to master if you want to be a pro.

It’s not all computer-savvy; there are also hard-earned knowledge and natural creativity to make an original, functional art. That’s what separates the men from the boys.

So before you let those Photoshop mongers become self-declared graphic artists, better kill their false confidence:

“Yeah, graphic designing could be pure Adobe software. So, your engineering course is all about calculators, right?”

3.   It’s an easy course.

Art colleges are infamous for being a safety haven of academic cast-outs, except that it isn’t true. You need lots of grey matter to finish the course, and patience too. And yes, you’d be memorizing, computing to some degree, and most of all, analyzing your way to a passing mark. To top these skills, tons of creativity is also required.

How to reply?

“Right-brainers are different from no-brainers. Don’t you know that? Hah!”

4.   Freedom from books and calculators.

Again, you’re not pursuing a graphics design course in the Philippines because you hate the whole academic thing. Or maybe you do, but you could defend yourself anyway. You love digital arts, right? Then you didn’t take it to avoid books, you took it because you want to be a designer.

“If I just hate Algebra and English, I could have auditioned for Big Brother instead.” (Then flash that celebrity smile).

Finally, if you’re somebody who’s reluctant to take a graphics design lest you’ll be negatively labeled through these annoying myths, then you have us on your back. Let no one hinder you from pursuing your passion.

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