10 Basic Graphic Design Rules You Should Never Break

Art knows no boundaries. What makes art special is the fact that each rule can be broken as long as it suits the result. One kind of art is graphic design. The term was conceived in 1922 by a typographer named William Dwiggins. Its existence for over centuries brought graphic design school into life. People have started learning an organized form of expression.

But what makes graphic design different from other forms of art? Graphic design is a tool used to strategically communicate a message. It requires planning and tactics. Furthermore, it’s easy to get art resources nowadays. People started creating their own design online and offline. As a future graphic designer, it is important to learn the basics. Since design is all around us, people cannot determine the thin line between good and bad design. So, how can you say you’ve created a good graphic design?

The Secret Tactics of a Professional Graphic Designer

Graphic Design School: Rules to Follow

Has your artwork grabbed the attention of your audience? If yes, take note of this: You might have created a good design or a really bad one. So, as an aspiring student of a graphic design school, you should never break these graphic design rules.

  1. Keep your target audience in mind. As an art creator, you should know and understand your target audience. This would surely help you build the correct context for your work.
  1. Maintain uniform kerning and spacing. When you think that your work is already good but “something” is not right, that “something” is kerning and spacing. Proper use of kerning and spacing improves readability and uniformity.
  1. Pick a good color scheme. Always make sure that the colors you pick complement each other. Use only less than five colors in your work. Likewise, two to three colors are the most recommended. Learn more about color scheme.
  1. Use whitespace. Have an ample amount of whitespace (or negative space) within your design. It gives your work a time to breathe. Also, it adds more sense of elegance to your design.
  1. Avoid raster-based imagesIf you want to achieve a quality image, stay away from raster-based images. Look for photos with higher resolutions like vector images. They keep your photos crisp when scaled.
  1. Apply only three fonts. Using more than three fonts is a very basic mistake. Make sure that your chosen fonts fit your target audience and the purpose of your design. Pick appealing and legible fonts.
  1. Proofread your work. Typos are a sign of a rookie work. Take time to check your grammar, spelling, and punctuation. You can certainly use free proofreading software online.
  1. Remember the medium. Graphic design revolves around different platforms. It’s important to know the nature of the medium so you can align your design to its purpose. If you’ll print your design, choose CMYK color mode instead of RGB.
  1. Avoid copying others’ work. It’s good to get an inspiration from other artists. However, it’s unethical to plagiarize an artwork. Don’t risk your credibility, make an original design.
  1. Maintain consistency. Inconsistency is the worst thing in graphic design. If you are maintaining a branding in your project, be consistent in your fonts, theme, color, etc. Above all, consistency helps the viewer to get used to your content.

Going Further with a Graphic Design School

Now, your future is in your hands. Apart from the said tips, one way to start a graphic design career is to enroll in a graphic design school. Likewise, here are CIIT’s offered programs and some of your possible career tracks.

CIIT Philippines Graphic Design School

Graphic Design Career Track

  • Graphic designer
  • Web designer
  • Art director
  • Visual designer
  • User experience (UX designer)
  • Graphic artist

Finally, be part of the group of experts who make quality output. CIIT Philippines — Graphic Design School is here to help you. We are indeed ready to equip you to be an industry-ready professional. Contact us now for more details!

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