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Graphic Design School Tips: How to Design Stunning Covers

In a world where people browse the Internet more, magazine companies often make sure they capture the attention of their audience through their cover pages. They evaluate their final output and see to it that it can convey a strong message, impress viewers, and sway their buying decision. But doing it takes great amount of time, patience, talent, and experience. One must be good at maximizing an 8×11-inch page and seizing the reader’s fleeting attention span. Do you want to learn the basics of making it work? CIIT College of Arts and Technology compiled a list of practical graphic design school tips for you to keep in mind:

Be Guided by these Five Graphic Design School Tips

1. Have a consistent design.

Work on the consistency of your layout. Use the same style for the upcoming editions and keep it for a longer period. This helps in building up a strong brand identity.

2. Emphasize the masthead.

The magazine’s title or masthead must be at the top of the cover. It should be the first thing that your reader must see. This ensures a good exposure for the brand.

3. Use a great cover photo.

High quality images in full colors or black and white are eye-catching to viewers. Choose an interesting photo that is relevant to the magazine’s genre and target market. Showing a well-known personality can get potential customers, too. One good technique is to use an image-making eye contact. Likewise, it is important to enhance images on the cover page before publishing it. Apply corrections to create a perfect picture. Work on the color and brightness, and don’t forget to fix the flaws.

4. Choose readable type fonts.

Using well-structured fonts can make the magazine stand out. Its size, color, and style have impact on the readers’ mind.

5. Apply contrast.

Use a good amount of contrast between light and dark parts. You have to put dark text against a light background, and vice versa.

Beyond these things, your crucial task is to arrange the details well and touch up the photos. Yes, you may have the creativity and you can follow guidelines. But you need a strategy to help you put effective and attractive ideas on the sheet.

The needed techniques to create a great magazine cover or other print media designs are methods you learn only in schools. As such, find a graphic design school in the Philippines, like CIIT College of Arts and Technology, to help you create stunning designs.

To know more about graphic design school tips to help you establish a foothold in graphic design, you may visit www.ciit.edu.ph. For questions or inquiries, you may send them an e-mail at info@ciit-ph.com.

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