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Graphic Design School Testimonial: Learning Never Gets Old

My name is Ted, 37 years old.

Like most children, I grew up devouring cartoon favorites. I can still remember waking up early every Saturday morning just to watch my favorite cartoons. I can still recall how Mickey, Scooby, and Uncle Scrooge (the richest duck in the world) with his grandnephews Huey, Dewey, and Louie rocked my world.

As a kid, I was very much fascinated with cartoons. I always fancied drawing and doodling even during class hours. I spent most of my time sketching pictures of animals and animated characters instead of doing my homework.

As expected, my obsession with these objects and characters turned into passion. Despite finishing a degree and pursuing a career in Engineering, I wasn’t able to get away with the thrill that visual arts give me. I was always starving for sketches, pictures, and inkblots that I decided to finally pursue my craving.

Unfortunately, my graphic design skills failed to stay abreast with the modern era of arts and design.While present multimedia artists and animators already created graphics and visual images through computers and other electronic media, I was confined to my old-school colored pencils, sketch pad, and oil pastel.

Of course, school training and completing a graphic design course were good options to improve my talent as an artist. But the big question was: is enrolling to a graphic design school worth my time and money? At my age, is a college degree or a ‘certificate’ program still worth it?

At first, I was hesitant about the idea of being a student again. But as I was determined to pursue my lifelong passion and dream of bringing fictitious characters to life, I realized that a supplemental education would:

  • Develop my technical skills;
  • Further my creative horizons; and
  • Lead me to better-paying jobs and an improved life;

I decided to take a diploma course in one of the premier graphic design school in the Philippines. Knowing that the career I wanted to enter concerns visual problem solving and meeting the requirements of clients, I chose a school that will provide me with a comprehensive and up-to-date learning. I decided to enroll in CIIT College of Arts and Technology as it recognizes an industry-relevant curriculum and supplies the most cutting-edge tools and technologies.

Today, I am about to complete my graphics design course at CIIT. Receiving hands-on training on a wide range of digital arts applications, I am confident of the many global opportunities that await me. I can truly say that I came to the right place where my ideas and dreams are being brought to fruition.

Enrolling in a graphic design school like CIIT College of Arts and Technology at the prime of my life is one of the best decisions I have ever made.

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