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Find out What Graphic Design Jobs Fit You to Career Growth

The graphic design field serves many careers on your plate. You’re lucky to choose from among the ones under the Multimedia Arts strand that can cater your artistic skills. Today, graphic design jobs are the ad marketing’s crème de la crème. Firms hire graphic designers either to help them increase sales or strengthen a site’s web and print content.

If you’re tracking a graphic design career, now is the time to pour your creative juices into one of these graphic design jobs.

What Graphic Design Jobs Fit You?

An effective graphic design course can lead you to a successful career, but with the range of potential jobs the market offers, finding what fits your credentials is hard. With this, CIIT, a graphic design school, sorts out graphic designer jobs you can take after graduation.

1. Mobile Designers

Due to the increasing rate of mobile phone users, the demand for mobile designers grows. Creating web and mobile pages eases the need of users to navigate their phone. This job also lets achievers relay their skills in creating mobile platforms.

2. Printmakers 

These artists craft prints and use various tools to transfer the images from a mold to surfaces such as cloth, paper, or glass. Their tasks include art setup, graphics manipulation, and color matching.

3. Illustrators

They lay out both technical and non-technical drawings for prints, commercial products, and digital media to convey a message. Their job is to inform, persuade, or entertain would-be customers. In particular, they adjust the mood and style of images for their client’s audience.

4. Product Designers

They design everything that we use in our daily lives, from appliances to gadgets. Thus, their task is to devise new and advanced products or improve the function and usage of current goods.

5. Web Designers

Social media optimization demands this field because of web development. Web designers navigate both web and interface structure. They create seamless and user-friendly experience on a brand’s website. If you love to design websites, take this road. Besides, the graphic design program offers computer classes on the latest craze in technology.

6. Animators

These designers set the frames for the characters, props, and scenes before using CGI software to add movement. Further, they do this as they follow the script and make sure the animation runs smooth with the music cues and dialogues. A graphic design course under the Multimedia Arts program supplies the right skills for animators.

7. Production Designers

They arrange the overall visual framework for a project. In the same way, their job is to create thematic designs for the sets, costumes, props, camera and lighting angle, locations, graphics, and special effects.

8. Art Directors

Sometimes, we call them “creatives”. These pros produce the ideas for the visual elements of ad campaigns in all forms of media. Their tasks may include making sketches, storyboards, roughs, or scamps to convey ideas to their clients. Likewise, they work with marketers. They’re in charge of the artworks you see on TV, billboards, internet, and ad platforms. Art directors go through intensive graphic design training.

9. Textile Designers

These designers develop useful and appealing designs and prints for a variety of fabrics, clothing, and non-clothing materials using both man-made and natural fibers. Further, people expect them to understand client briefs, make new designs, research, and use computer-aided design tools to visualize concepts and create samples.

10. Graphic Designers

They use photos, computer-aided design tools, and software applications to illustrate aesthetic images and graphics for a wide range of industries. Likewise, their job is to make creative ideas and concepts and choose the right media and style to meet their client’s goals.

11. Brand Identity Designer

These people create the unique logos of our favorite brands. In fact, this job demands a high level of creativity to represent a brand. It sets a brand’s impression to consumers. Firms spend money rather to update their logos and catch the consumer’s attention.

12. Email Marketing Designers

They’re in charge of designing and sending of email communications. They also work with other designers to upgrade user experience. Their work stresses the principles of design along with HTML and CSS.

13. Flash Designer

These artists create interactive online contents. They develop web incorporated games and media substances. In addition, they test their designs using Flash and Actionscript. This obliges them to have a strong grasp of CSS, JavaScript, HTML, XML, and web form application. They also work on a design’s plan and usability.

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