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Graphic Design Career and Why It’s Worth Taking

The graphic design industry is one of the most diverse fields an artist could enter. Opportunities are vast. The job outlook gets better as technology continues to rule. Businesses value design because it brands them. In fact, strong designs make them stand out. So, if you’re planning to pursue a graphic design career, these points will convince you to earn a degree in it.

What You Should Know about Graphic Design


Graphic design is a visual communication that projects digital and print illustrations that inspire, inform, and attract clients.


Graphic designers dwells in studios that have access to drafting tables, computers, and the software needed for their designs. Schedules can vary based on workload and deadlines. Most designers spend longer working hours than other staffs because they need to meet their client’s expected outcome. Some designers are self-employed and home-based while others work in and for firms.

Skills Needed

Imagination and creativity walk together with problem-solving skills in graphic design industry.

Why Pursue a Graphic Design Career?

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1. You get to flex your brain muscles often.

You get to use your brain for much more than just filling in spreadsheets or sending emails all day. Problem-solving is one of the most vital skills an artist should acquire, as you’ll spend your days working out the best ways to convey important messages in visual form.

2. Your tasks are always different.

Graphic design jobs are far from monotonous office tasks. So far, projects will be different with each new brief giving you a new creative challenge. Design tasks exercise you to be resilient toward graphic disciplines and urge you to explore new styles. You can’t copy and paste a good design. In particular, you’ll produce unique pieces daily.

3. Good designers are in demand.

The graphic design industry is ultra-competitive, but there will always be a demand for good designers. So if you got the talent, required skills, and determination to work hard, then you can be certain you’ll always get a project.

4. You’ll never stop learning.

Graphic design industry will always open new rooms for exploration. Trends, tools, theories, and sources of inspiration will continue to emerge.

5. Creativity is fulfilling.

In the same way, graphic design is something that can give you a real sense of satisfaction and accomplishment. It goes through a procedure that produces tangible stuff rather than just getting buried in reports and paperwork. Design offers you a chance to produce work that you can be proud of and would be happy to showcase.

Why Is a Graphic Design Degree Worth It?

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Pursue a graphic design career in two ways. Choose to be a self-taught designer with online tutorials and learn as you go or earn the degree with a solid foundation. If you think earning a degree is just a waste of time and money, let Rasmussen College tell you otherwise.

1. You are in demand.

Can I get a new job? This dilemma is common for those who want to pursue a new career or a change of scene. Professionals, though, will agree  you’ll never worry on employment potential if you’re a graduate of graphic design. Paul Peters of theundercoverrecruiter.com found out that digital and print design ranks 4th among the fastest growing industries. Hence, you’re sure to have a reserved seat in the graphic design industry.

2. You can demand a higher salary.

Earning a graphic design degree offers professional training that hones your skills and critical thinking, and employers are glad to pay for a well-trained designer. Educated designers have the right to demand higher pay because their credentials and diploma support them.

3. You rise above others.

Educated and self-taught designers may know the basic application in graphics, but a design practitioner proves you’re willing to invest in your personal and career growth. Experts claim that a degree in graphic design validates your occupation and brings credibility to your career. In fact, 91% of employers are willing to pay for graphic designers with academic degree, for this makes training and explanation easier.

4. You improve your skills on expert grounds.

YouTube tutorials and crash courses are only available to refresh your skills; nothing, however, can beat learning from great mentors, hands-on exercises, practical exams, and industry-ready training offered by a graphic design school. As a graphic design student, building a portfolio is necessary. In the same way, with constant advice and feedback from design gurus, you can guarantee to earn a diploma with a strong portfolio.

Are you convinced now on pursuing a graphic design career? CIIT-Philippines, a graphic design school, can arm you with quality education in graphic design. Hence, visit www.ciit.edu.ph for more details on our graphic design course.

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