Game Development: Where Imaginations are ‘For Real’

Game Development

game development

Everyone is enthused with different video games these days. Who hasn’t enjoyed playing Pac Man, Super Mario Brothers,Tetris, Final Fantasy, The Sims, Half Life, Guitar Hero, Diablo, and Angry Birds to name a few? Isn’t it amazing how far our imagination can go?

The Gaming Industry Evolution

Game development is as old as the history of television.It is innate in every person to use spare times for recreation and other meaningful activities. The concept of creating electronic videos and console systems has started with Atari 2600 in 1977 and continuously evolved with the most recent Nintendo Wii. The fast-paced evolution of the gaming industry provides a large talent pool of Filipinos with the opportunity to express creativity and enthusiasm by developing equally competitive recreational products. With such great talent, more students are inclined to look for an excellent multimedia school to hone their potentials.

One of the most sought-after multimedia schools in the Philippines is CIIT. The school is a proud member of the Cosmopoint Education Group (CEG), which opened its latest branch in 2008 in Quezon City, the ICT capital of the country. It offers courses in graphic design, multimedia arts, software engineering, network design,and the latest upcoming courses—3D animation and product development,which trains students to become globally competitive in the gaming industry.

CIIT and Anino Games: Under the Shadows of Success

CIIT is a state-of-the-art school that provides a vast array of cutting-edge training solutions. It ensures that each student is nurtured with the proper knowledge and skills to surpass the fast-paced game development world.

But despite the decline in employment and revenue growth in the country, the local gaming market increasingly demands for skilled professionals, particularly in 3D animation and gaming to ensure industry-ready graduates. Thus, CIIT collaborates with Anino Games, a third party product developer specializing on end-to-end applications for PC, Nintendo DS and DSi, Wii, IPhone/IPod Touch, Adobe Flash/Facebook, and mobile phone platforms. The award-winning creativity, experience, and round-the-clock attention for each project are some of the many reasons for its continuous success,which CIIT wants to share to its students. With such talent and passion for recreational products, Anino is able to develop numerous inventions such as:

  • Shutter Island
  • Little Pet Shop
  • Mind’s Eye
  • Secret of the Forgotten
  • Mystery of Cleopatra
  • Dream Day Wedding
  • Turbo Suns
  • Jumble Classic
  • MoorhuhnStarKarts
  • Jumble Madness
  • Pat Sajak’s Linked Letters
  • ESPN’s Winter X
  • Puzzle Quest Expansion

Moreover, Anino is one of the few game developers in Southeast Asia that is authorized to develop applications for Nintendo Wii. The collaboration of the country’s premier ICT school and game development company gave the gaming industry a different name.

Technology has profoundly changed the way we learn and study. It has revolutionized the world and made possible many things that were once thought to be unfeasible. Here in the Philippines, CIIT gives every Filipino a powerful tool to communicate and express ideas in a creative way. Aside from globally recognized and highly competent graduates, it also promotes the Filipinos’ skills and talents through quality and state-of-the-art education.