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Game Development Tools and Resources Every Student Should Know

Aside from learning Entertainment and Multimedia Computing skills, you need to arm yourself with the right game development tools to aid you.

Are you interested in pursuing a future in Entertainment and Multimedia Computing? While you should be creative and passionate about video games, there’s more to game development than having exciting ideas. Aside from learning Entertainment and Multimedia Computing skills, you need to arm yourself with the right game development tools to aid you. Familiarizing yourself with these tools can help bring your video game ideas to life. They’re also helpful once you’re carving your path in the professional world. 

Resources for more skill points

Here are amazing tools and resources waiting for you to discover.

Web languages

game development tools

The first thing any aspirant in Entertainment Multimedia Computing should know in game development tools is web languages for a complete user experience. These include HTML5, CSS3, SQL, and JavaScript. Known as the building blocks of game development, these coding languages will ensure a huge stepping stone for any game developer aspirant. Interested in mastering the building blocks of gaming? Our renowned faculty members are one of the keys to mastering these languages.


game development tools

If you’re new to coding and have no idea how to get started, Scratch is the perfect platform to learn the basics. Developed by MIT for learners aged 8 to 16, this is the world’s largest free coding community for kids. 

Scratch utilizes a simple visual interface that allows learners to create digital stories, games, and animations. This is one of the best game development tools for beginners, as it can help improve your computational thinking and problem-solving skills. Best of all, Scratch is absolutely free and available in over 70 languages. 

Unreal Engine

game development tools

If your goal is to become a game developer someday, one of the most vital game development tools you should hone your skills at is Unreal Engine. Unreal Engine is a 3D computer graphics game engine and creation tool that allows you to create universes beyond your wildest imagination. This platform has hours of free online learning content, an extensive library of webinars, and options for instructor-led training. 

Unreal Engine is free to use for making linear content, custom projects, and internal projects. Making it an excellent tool for young learners like you. It’s also free to start game development. They only charge a 5% royalty when your title earns US$1 million. On top of that, CIIT also provides courses on Game Development using this platform!

Visual Studio

game development tools

If you want to take your coding and programming skills for video game development to the next level, you should immerse yourself in Visual Studio. Visual Studio is an integrated development environment and code editor for software developers. This powerhouse tool supports multiple languages, debuggers, editors, and many more. 

Visual Studio has plenty of tools and features to elevate and enhance every stage of software development. While this platform is mainly used for website development and web apps, it can be conducive when creating iOS and Android mobile games


game development tools

If you want to create stellar objects and components for your video game project, one of the most important game development tools you need in your arsenal is Photoshop. Photoshop is the most widely used raster graphic editor worldwide. 

Photoshop is incredibly useful in developing game assets and promotional content. Moreover, you can also use it to design characters, backgrounds, and other game elements. This tool is vital in creating visually appealing video game worlds and marketing materials to promote your projects. 

The best game development tools and more

game development tools

If you’re interested in all these game development tools and resources, you must immerse yourself in a community of learners to take your skills to the next level. We at CIIT Philippines offer a Bachelor of Science in Entertainment and Multimedia Computing program for aspiring video game developers. 

We’ll equip you with the latest game development tools and mentors who will guide you throughout the journey. CIIT Philippines believes that quality education is for everyone. CIIT offers various scholarship programs, such as the Interweave Scholarship Program, Future CIITizen Scholarship Grant, and CIIT Financial Aid Program.
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