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Game Development: Subject Descriptions and Career Paths

Are you a gamer? Do you love playing well-crafted games back in your childhood? Today, it’s a popular hobby for both men and women. Gaming updates have since changed the norm. The method of creating a game takes time and runs through many stages. From ideas, themes, to the main characters, a game needs a skilled developer. Further, it isn’t easy learning game development. Yet, it’s a great deal growing a career. A game development course must boast of an up-to-date program. You’ll need a perfect set of game development subjects to load you up with the skills to be ready for the real world.

To be a skilled game developer, you must enroll in a computing course specializing in game development and mobile application course that offers a game development track, loaded with game development subjects. This article will help you learn what game development subjects you must study to finish the course.

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List of Game Development Subjects That Will Benefit Your Career

Game Programming

Game programming is an integrated language of the development field. This subject is an important tool for web, mobile, and game development. In the same way, you’ll learn here how to build a solid basis to move with complex language. In fact, this requires a series of prerequisite game development subjects that will improve your encoding skills in high-level movability.

Applied Game Physics

In applied game physics, you’ll translate the new laws of physics into codes. Understanding how game engine physics work is vital in game development. In this subject, future developers will understand the laws to creating a game.

Artificial Intelligence in Games

This subject includes theoretical topics in artificial intelligence techniques related to game application. In fact, this offers practical tools in applying artificial intelligence tactics. You’ll learn how to use the tools and techniques in specified interactive games throughout the course. In addition, this will challenge students to create tricks that use intelligence.

Game Design

Game design will arm students with basic crafting skills, tactics, and methods. You can’t just create a game without technical and proper approach. This subject centers on how you isolate game facets, design them, and present their ideas to the field. In fact, this will harness your skills through multiple exercises.

Game Networking

Are you wondering how two or more players share the same game experience? You call this game networking. This subject will arm you with skills to create a multi-player experience for gamers. You’ll learn here magical illusions where players share the same game that works in reality.

Game Production

Game production, one of the game development subjects, will teach you the methods. This includes production, scheduling, cost budgeting, documentation, down to staffing. The game development life cycle will give students excellent knowledge to produce a game and prepare future game developers as they start and organize their work.

Free Hand and Digital Drawing

Game development subjects also include free hand and digital drawing. This will teach you the basics of drawing, too. Hence, make yourself familiar with the lines and tools you need. In particular, you must have skills in digital drawing before you can move to complex objects.

2D and 3D Animation

This subject will train you in creating animations and digital illustrations. You’ll learn how cartoons, images, effects, and 3D images work. In addition, be sure to check your target school’s game development subjects to avoid missing this in your course. This can lead you to various paths where you can grow your career. A game development course isn’t easy, but it’s worth harnessing your skills in it.

Audio Design and Sound Engineering

In this subject, you’ll learn how to apply music, recordings, and sounds into a production. Students will learn techniques in mixing and editing music. Hence, expect to have hands-on experience in learning this subject.

Scriptwriting and Storyboard Design

Scriptwriting and storyboard design is a game development subject that centers on how to create a flawless story. From the script to the scene sequence, you’ll create your own storyboard and also learn how to structure and layout a script.

Computer Graphics Programming

Here, you’ll learn how to do computer graphics, website design, video production, and photography. This will help you load up your portfolio, so you can fill it with your works. This, too, can add to your chances of landing a better job.

Game Design and Development

Game design and development is where you can harness your skill in using the 3D Unity game engine. This will equip you with knowledge on how to develop a game. Likewise, this will teach you how to understand the game asset pipeline and to design an effective game level. This will rather hone your skills to create a market-ready game, too.

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Possible Careers for Graduates of BS in Computer Science with specialization in Game Development and Mobile Technologies:

  • Game Designer
  • Game Programmer
  • Technical Director
  • Game Quality Assurance Specialist
  • Interactive Software Developer
  • Game Producer
  • Senior Game Sound Engineer
  • Graphics Programming
  • Business Development Specialist for Entertainment and Multimedia Industries

A School That Will Shape Your Game Development Career

You’ll find a few schools that can help you specialize in game development. CIIT, one of them, aims to lay a complete set of game development subjects that will be sure to hone you. Thus, enroll and earn a degree in Computer Science with specialization in Game Development and Mobile Technologies to get yourself on track in game development. CIIT will teach you the essential skills that will help you succeed as a game developer. It has up-to-date facilities that will give you the hands-on experience you need to succeed in the field.

If you’re looking for a game development school that offers these game development subjects and more, then CIIT Philippines is the perfect choice for you. Explore our page to learn more about us.

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