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What You Need to Know about Game Development and Its Industry

Have you heard of Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) games? If you’re a gamer, you may have played League of Legends, Mobile Legends, Dota, and more. Computer and mobile games have taken most of the stage in the Filipinos’ leisure medium. It has changed the way we learn, live, play, and control our economy. Today, gaming development continues to emerge and bring growth and an enhanced experience to both Filipino students and players alike. Thus, more game development schools now strive to give game development courses to arm students with viable skills and knowledge. What’s left is which game development school should you choose? Scroll away to learn which school is best for you.

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Why More Filipino Students Engage in Game Development through a Game Development School

Game development has followed technology’s pace and gave updates on how to boost the gaming experience. With this interest, the Game Development Association of the Philippines, a society of firms and schools, helps and links the country with top gaming groups worldwide.

Filipinos are creative and playful. Hence, the game development industry in the Philippines grows and keeps up with the advancement in this field. Besides, this love for gaming doesn’t just stop in playing. In fact, a swelling number of students further their career to become a game developer or a game designer. As per Yugatech, a trusted review site, CIIT ranks among schools that offer the Bachelor of Science in Computer Science with specialization in Game Development and Mobile Technologies course. In fact, CIIT’s chairperson, Niel S. Dagondon, founded Anino Games, the country’s first game development firm.

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Why You Must Study a Game Development Course

Aside from its rising repute, game development course is a promising career to pursue. If you’re a technical geek and love to program video games, a career in game development can lead you to gain deeper logical skills. As the Commission on Higher Education released CMO 02 back in 2014, known as “Policies, Standards, and Guidelines for Bachelor of Science in Entertainment and Media Computing”, it gave birth to more exciting teaching tools to arm students with an advanced set of skills and knowledge. The demand in the game development industry grows rather as technology takes over the entertainment industry.
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How Game Development Plays an Essential Tool in Modern Education

Apart from the experience and leisure side, games and technology-based teaching tools play as the prime key in learning. Learners on the 21st century dwell in advanced teaching tactics. These include the aid of game development, media technology, and interactive learning ways. Thus, CIIT, a game development school in the Philippines, marries two important learning tools such as modern education and industry-ready facilities. E-learning and science simulations through games are one of the many teaching methods you can learn in a game development school such as CIIT. You’ll see how technology lifted the educational system to give an easy, interactive, and fun way of learning and teaching. Thus, if you’re a teacher and has the heart for the game design career and need a competitive skill to infuse in teaching, CIIT is your best option.

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Where to Find the Best Game Development School in the Philippines

Yugatech, a sound review site, offers a list of local game development schools. Of all the dedicated schools that strive hard to offer a laddered education, CIIT holds its ground. If you’re looking for the best game development school to help you reach your goal, it should be at the top of your list. Aside from the Bachelor’s degree courses, you can pick a short course in game development, too. This makes CIIT perfect if you’re a pro who wants to shift to the game development industry. Likewise, CIIT has designed its game development courses to let both a rookie and a pro learn all the concepts.

So, chase your dream to become a game designer or a game developer. CIIT, a top game development school, lays a great chance you can grab. In fact, with the knowledge you’ll gain, you can join in the reputation building of game development here in the country. In addition, you can support the Filipinos’ edge in gaming.

Would you like to experience CIIT’s compelling education in game development? Why not visit our home page to get more details on our programs.

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