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What Awaits Future Game Makers

The current generation sees and enjoys greater opportunities compared to what their counterparts did a few years back. Thanks to modern innovations

Truly, the birth of mobile technology brings all of us to a new world that was once just a mere product of imagination. Mobile games make present living more exciting. Not only do they help us kill time and boredom but they also open career opportunities for enthusiasts.

If you are technically inclined and passionate about creating online or mobile games, then this article is for you.

A Great Career

Not all fields promise students a bright future, but game development does. Besides the growing demands from consumers, the industry is no longer just limited to Xbox and Nintendo. It is now available to a large variety of platforms including mobile phones, tablets, and social networks.

Android is a household name these days. It’s the world’s most popular mobile platform. In fact, most of us love to use Android-powered phones and other mobile devices. When we say Android, we often think about game apps. The good news is Android won’t die anytime soon. This means a developing gaming venue and endless job opportunities for future game developers.

Listed below are just some of the latest news and stats on Android and game development (Source: Develop-online.net):

  • Android has an estimated 80 percent share of global users in mobile gaming market.
  • There would be a range of tools and content to help developers navigate perceived obstacles and make even better games for the Android platform.
  • There will be four billion Internet connected screens in the world by 2017, which means four billion potential gamers.

No wonder a bright future awaits those who want to develop games and invest their skills in the industry.

Improve Your Skills

If you want to pursue your dream in the industry, seek the best game development school that specializes in digital arts:

Enroll at CIIT—a Quezon City-based IT-digital arts school—and you’ll get to learn one or more of these fields: game programming, game design and scripting, web-based and mobile game development.

With its modern tools and industry-based instructors, CIIT is sure to provide students with the most effective and industry-relevant training programs. The school’s curriculum is backed by the Philippine’s biggest game development firm, Anino Playlab.

With CIIT, you’ll surely become a game maker.

For more info about the course, visit CIIT’s web site at www.ciit-ph.com or send your e-mails to info@ciit-ph.com.

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