7 Creative Myths about Mobile Game Development That Need Debunking

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Finding it hard to convince yourself or your parents of the path you want to take in college? If the game development myths and misconceptions are the main reasons for their doubts and uncertainties, CIIT-Philippines will debunk them and persuade your parents.

Common Game Development Myths Debunked

1. Game makers have lazy bones.

Most people unfamiliar with mobile game development assume that game developers are just laid-back wage earners who skip work whenever they please. In contrast, few studios ask game makers to work extended hours and weekends for weeks or months whenever they’ll reach a milestone goal or end a project. You call this “crunch time”, and anyone working in the field experiences this phase. Although paid for the extra time, your health can be at stake, too. In addition, you may have a hard time surviving if you’re not passionate about the job.

2. You don’t need a degree to make games.

Technically, this statement is true. You don’t need a game-specific degree to make games but having one will give an edge in getting a job. If you start creating games without a degree at all, be ready to work hard or start your own company. You can do it all without a diploma, but it’s unlikely for a firm to hire you without a degree. A degree would prove that you have what it takes because you’ve learned and gone through it.

3. You need a programming background to be a great game developer.

Since games are digital and created using computers, programming is a useful skill to possess. Game designers who not only present ideas but also understand the technical aspects of implementing them are of great value. But successful individuals who like to break the norm exist in this industry. They have little to no programming knowledge like Nintendo’s Shigeru Miyamoto and Eiji Aonuma who work as graphic artists before moving up to bigger roles.

4. Game developers are loaded.

Since news on millions of units sold and billions of dollars made by giant game franchises are everywhere, it’s easy to realize why people think game makers are rich. In reality, only few succeed with the stiff competition in the industry. Besides, if you’re only working for a game studio, your income may suffice but may not be enough to make you wealthy.

5. It will be hard for you to get a job.

Jobs are scarce in the gaming industry while others say the competition is too high for you to stand a chance. While they are partly true, still, many job opportunities await you if you pursue this career. Job titles are finite but the vacant positions are not. It is a competitive field but since it is still growing and constantly evolving, the demand for workers remains high.

6. Learning through game studios are better than game development schools.

They say that your daily practice in a game studio already gives you the knowledge you need. Well, yes, you could get part of the learning, but not the full technical aspect of game creation. It will be harder for you to work independently or get a higher role in the gaming field. With the complex game creation, the industry prefers those who have the degree. Graduates are swift, creative problem-solvers because they know new techniques.

7. Mobile game development schools are merely after your money.

Some people claim that most schools offering gaming courses are only after you or your parents’ money. But try to check on their state-of-the-art facilities, teaching methods, and practitioners. Soon, you will realize that these charges are unfounded after all.

If you want to succeed in this field, do your own research instead of believing such game development myths you hear from non-experts. Don’t let these misconceptions stall your dreams. Start your career with us! CIIT-Philippines offers a game development course that encompasses the entirety of the game development cycle. Contact us at 411-1196 or send your message to info@ciit.edu.ph for complete details about this course.

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