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What Philippines’ Game Development Schools Can Gain from CoC

Stories tell of gamers spending more than 10 hours playing Clash of Clans (CoC). The game attracts millions worldwide since Supercell first introduced it in 2012. Without a doubt, it has become the highest grossing application recorded by App Store.

How often does CoC gamers say “attack,” “troops,” “town hall,” “clan war,” and “elixir”?

What does it offer that many players became addicted to the game? An interactive game, CoC offers a new way to fight boredom; hence, it became the most successful game on mobile devices.

Why Is It Popular and Addictive?

Video game developer, Supercell, created CoC. The company has already launched eight games, with seven being mobile games, but had to drop its first and lone non-mobile and three other games soon after their launch.

While the company is low-profile, CoC enjoys fame in the game development industry. What could be the reasons behind this?

  1. Everything is always new. While the concept of CoC is nothing new, playing it brings a brand new experience because no scenarios are so alike. Players enjoy different attacks, clan wars, and troops every time they open their account.
  2. The game offers players a good involvement. Gamers are enthusiastic with its theme and setting. Does not anyone want to create and expand his/her own village? Likewise, the virtual battle is always exciting.
  3. Anyone can play CoC. This mobile game is for youngsters, adults, boys, and girls alike. CoC is also user friendly and easy to play.
  4. Players must think. The application is not just a game but also one that tests the ability of a gamer to make strategies in winning the game.
  5. Graphics attract users. One factor that appeals to many players is how Supercell made and programmed the visual images to move.
  6. The application is portable. Players need not sit on a couch to play CoC because they can work the game almost anywhere!
  7. Members can socialize. Whenever online, clan members can play together, recruit other people worldwide, and send messages. One’s Apple ID or Facebook account, though, is visible when he/she plays.
  8. Players can purchase resources. Playing CoC involves spending for resources such as gold, elixir, or gems. Although these resources are free, gamers may buy more of them using real money to hasten their account’s progress.
What Can Game Developers Learn from This?

What can game developers learn from CoC’s success? Fame and game complexity are not only important. Its developers offered a good concept, added interesting characters, and made gamers involved; thus, producing an addictive mobile game.

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