Top 10 game development forums and communities you should not miss

Top 10 Game Development Forums and Communities You Shouldn’t Miss

Ignite your creativity and gain insights from other game creators. Develop fresh and fun mobile games with other game dev experts through online groups. Whether you need answers to your questions or a place to show off your ideas, engaging into groups and forums is a great option. Are you looking for the best game development forums and groups? Let CIIT Philippines help you find the best online space for you. Know more about game dev communities through this blog.

How to choose the best game development forum?

Dreaming about creating a mobile game like the ones you used to play feels amazing, right? However, it’s not as easy as you expect it to be. Game development is a challenging yet exciting process. There’s more than just having that awesome game idea in your head. You’ll run across various platforms, systems, and tools that require adept skills. There are game engines, frameworks, and hundreds of programming languages that might frustrate you along the way. Not to mention, the encoding part and other complicated stages you must go through. So, instead of taking risks on systems or tools, ask the experts instead. Joining forums is a great way to get tips, tactics, and best practices to help you on your project. Besides, you can ask some help from your peers who share the same passion for game development as you do. There are game development groups that will provide guidelines and pointers that will help you move towards your dream.

But since there are thousands of game development forums and communities, it might be quite hard for you to choose what fits you best. Before you join an online space, you must first check the credibility of the site. If possible, browse through forum chats and see if the place is valuable or not. Also, check if the members are active. That said, we listed 10 of the best game dev forums which you can participate.

10 Best Game Development Forums and Communities You Should Engage In

Reddit: /gamedev

A screenshot of an interactive game development forum in reddit

Indeed, Reddit is the world’s largest online forum and discussion platform.  Hence, it’s no wonder that there is already a subreddit for game developers and designers from all over the world. With over 377,000 members, surely there would be an interesting idea that could help you improve your project. In this forum, users can share their thoughts, ask questions, talk about the latest trends, and get valuable tips and information. Since it’s a game development forum, you can connect with other game enthusiasts or even ask people to test out your game.

IndieDB Forum

A screenshot of indiedb game dev forum that offers an array of game dev topics

Another game dev forum is IndieDB. This platform offers an array of topics for game developers and enthusiasts alike. With the aim to host a forum site for game modifications, developers launched this site and named it Mod DB in 2002. However, the moderators found a lot of indie game developers adding their own games to the site under “standalone game” category. The rising interest for indie games led to the site’s rebranding. Today, this community aims to help independent game builders and support them throughout the process. Aside from tips, indie game developers can also find job posts in this site.

Python Forum

A screenshot of python forum that is popular programming language

Python is a beginner-friendly programming language popular in the game dev industry. And since it’s a crowd favorite, they created a Python forum where users can get help about codes and game dev related queries. So, if you want to learn more about coding or any Python-related hiccups, join this game development forum.

Unity Forum

A screenshot of unity forum that provides a platform for unity users

If there’s a forum for a widely-used programming language, then there’s also one for game engines. This forum is for the users of Unity, which is one of the most popular game engines we have in the market. Also, the platform provides tutorials and articles about Unity. The best thing about the Unity Forum platform is its categorized community discussions. So, when you need help in a specific area of game dev, especially about Unity, then you can easily ask for help.

GitHub Community Forum

A screenshot of github community forum that has over 20 million users

The GitHub community forum has over 40 million users that contribute in the site to share, discuss, and tackle game dev. This community is an active forum site that helps many aspirants. Do you need help in programming, game engines, languages, and other topics? Get answers here in the GitHub community forum.

Java Gaming

A screenshot of java gaming game development forums

Heads up, Java users! If you’re looking for an online community that will provide solutions to your Java-related queries, then the Java Gaming forum is the best place for you. Users can share their games, start discussions, provide tips, and post helpful contents for other users to see. Since Java is one of the most reliable and easiest programming languages, many users find this forum helpful.

Buildbox Forum

A screenshot of buildbox forum that helps users in game development and programming

Clueless on how you can get your hands into game dev and programming? Meet Buildbox! A user-friendly programming platform that caters to entrepreneurs, designers, business owners and to anyone who’s interested in game development. Aside from their easy-to-use software, they also have an online space for gamers and game creators. The Buildbox forum is where you can communicate about gameplay, game design, and game marketing.


A screenshot of steam forum community that provide contents, programming tips and guides

Steam has built a credible brand reputation in the game development trade. In fact, they provide hundreds of game development forums for all their hosted games. And like the mentioned game dev communities above, you can pretty much find helpful contents, programming tips, and guides, for all your gaming needs. Level up your knowledge and join the forum today!

Rock Paper Shotgun

A screenshot of rock paper shotgun forum site that has a neat interface

If you’re looking for gaming-targeted forums, go to Rock, paper and Shotgun community. They host various forums about the latest games, which is amazing. Most discussions are detailed and informative. Aside from organized game dev forums, you can see how many people joined which makes it more exciting.

Pinoy Gamer Forum

A screenshot of pinoy gamer forum in the philippines where pinoy gamers can talk about game dev

Since the Philippines has a growing number of aspiring game developers, it is about time to create a forum site that will help them connect. As the forum’s name says, Pinoy Gamer Forum is an online space dedicated for the growing Filipino gaming community. Users can share their creative ideas, get valuable information, and even buy and trade software and hardware. So, if you’re a Pinoy gaming enthusiast, then better check this group.

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