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Contrary to what most people think, a game development course can lead you to numerous opportunities in the workforce. If you’re a parent looking for a career path for your child, you can consider this field. Read on to learn more about the game development industry in our country.

The Rise of Game Development Course

The Philippines has a significant number of online and video game players of all kinds. As the number of internet cafes increases, the sight of children, teens, and adults playing virtual games becomes common to the public. However, people’s knowledge on game development course and the industry is not enough.

That was before the Commission on Higher Education released CMO 02 in 2014 or “Policies, Standards, and Guidelines for Bachelor of Science in Entertainment and Media Computing (BS E-MC)”. CMO 02 has given universities and colleges a concrete education track that would increase student expertise in entertainment and digital media creation. In addition, BS E-MC has laid the foundations for schools that offer game development course as part of their curriculum today.

The Philippine Game Development Industry

Seeing a huge potential of honor and employment, DTI and Sen. Bam Aquino pushed for the global marketing of game development in the Philippines.

According to BusinessMirror, the Philippines’ game development industry generated a revenue of $80.5 billion in 2015 and is likely to reach more than $100 billion by 2022. The video game segments including online, tablet, and mobile game are highly popular and expected to register the highest growth rates with nearly 60% to 80%.

Research concluded that game development firms in North America, Europe, and Japan considered outsourcing for labor-intensive functions to the Philippines due to our low labor cost and the availability of animation/graphic design platforms.

Eight Best Game Development Jobs

Mobile gaming is now a multimillion-dollar industry. Hence, the field offers a number of careers to countless specialists across various sectors. The infographic below shows, further, the future careers in game making that mobile game development students and graduates can take on in this lucrative field.

Top Jobs for Mobile Game Development Graduates - CIIT Infographic - Game development course

Choosing the Right Game Development School

Before your children can thrive in this career, you must prepare and arm them with a strong education. Consider this list when choosing a game development school for them.

1. Expert Teachers

Pick a school where instructors are also practicing professionals. They can teach students better because they can explain the specifics and share shortcuts and hacks.

2. State-of-the-Art Tools and Facilities

Students need updated game development tools and software to upgrade their skills and hands-on experience. It lets them gauge their flexibility and potential in making games, too.

3. Condensed Number of Students

Students and teachers can focus more if the classroom aids in learning. Therefore, practitioners can enjoy a quiet environment and lessons tailored to their skills and learning growth, too.

4. Urban Setting

Cities reflect modernization. Hence, taking a game development course in a metropolitan setting would inspire learners to study and prepare to work in the corporate world.

5. Industry-Relevant Subjects

Pick a game development school with courses that cater well to the demands of the labor market such as game programming, physics and logic, artificial intelligence, design, and networking.

6. Affiliation with Software Companies

Pick a school that acquires creative suites and has a connection with gaming firms to back up its operations. In fact, this proves the school’s credibility and status in the industry.

7. Positive Reviews

The school’s reputation matters. Hence, check out the school’s performance by reading online reviews or asking former and current students about their learning experience, quality of education, and the system.

8. Students’ Success Stories

One of the best ways to find the right school, though, is to search for its graduates who succeeded in the field of game development.

CIIT’s game development course will not only give you all the factors listed but will also train you to take on an array of careers this field can offer. Check our bachelor’s degree page for more details on this course.

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