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People play games for various reasons. Some play it to establish a career in E-sports, while others do it to kill time. But no matter what it may be, at the end of every game, all of us could agree that we all had fun. For a moment, these video games brought us to a magical world full of great adventures. For this reason, many of us get hooked into gaming and have even thought of creating our own games. Want to make this dream possible? Then what are you waiting for? Take the first step by enrolling in CIIT’s game development course now!

What is Game Development Course

In simple terms, game development is the art and science of creating games. It involves several phases which allow the game developers to create, program, and produce games based on their own ideas or concepts. Aside from the technical side of game making, developers also need to put great effort in the listed elements:

  • Plot
  • Audio Assets
  • Visuals
  • Characters
  • Gameplay

In the Philippines, it’s said that game content creation existed as early as 1992. This growing niche captured the interest of young aspirants to pursue their passion in this field. In 2014, the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) released CMO 02, or the “Policies, Standards, and Guidelines for Bachelor of Science in Entertainment and Media Computing (BS E-MC).” CMO 02 has given universities and colleges a concrete education track that would increase students’ expertise in entertainment and digital media creation. Thus, BS E-MC has laid the foundations for schools that offer game development courses as part of their curriculum today.

Why Take Game Development Course

The ever-changing fields of science and IT have paved the way for the emergence of many electronic platforms. Now, about three billion people worldwide use mobile phones. Based on a recent Statista forecast, this number is expected to grow several hundred million more in the coming years. Aside from mobile phones, people access other gadgets such as laptops, tablets, and other consoles. Hence, game makers see this chance to extend their scope and make this field as promising as ever.

Based on recent news from Business Mirror, the field of game development acquired $80.5 billion worth of revenue in 2015 and is likely to reach more than $100 billion by 2022. The video game segments such as online, tablet, and mobile game are highly popular and expected to gain the highest growth rates with nearly 60% to 80%.

With this demand, game development is far from reaching its limit. It will continue to rise as long as many creators and hopefuls seek to improve it.

Top Game Development Jobs

Best game development courses to take to create games such as Super Mario Bros

Contrary to what most people think, game development courses can lead you to numerous careers in the workforce. Here are some of the jobs you can choose in this field, along with the median pay for each post in 2020 (

Web Designers

They prepare the game’s core elements such as plot, characters, and gameplay. They also help work on the game’s mechanic and other texts.
Median Pay: PHP 19,667

Web Programmers

They write, maintain, support, debug, and optimize systems and codes. Further, they program the game’s network, graphics, and AI.
Median Pay: PHP 21,390

Graphic Artists

They design the game’s visual aspects, from the game’s setting to gaming manual, packaging, and other materials.
Median Pay: PHP 17,121

Audio Engineer

They develop and process all required sounds in a game. These include background music, sound effects, and dialogue.
Median Pay: PHP 20,841

Script Writers

They write dialogues for each of the game characters. They create conversations and narrations especially for RPG games.
Median Pay: PHP 22,128

Game Development Course in the Philippines

Creating mobile games is far tougher than playing them. But if you’re eager to make one, enrolling in a leading game development school, such as CIIT Philippines, is your best choice.

If you’re an incoming senior high school student, our computer programming track will introduce game programming for beginners. This track can lead to a degree in college if you choose to further your studies with us.

However, if you’re an incoming college student or a working professional, you can take BS Entertainment and Multimedia Computing if you want to master the art of game making. You can also take a short game development course if want to upgrade your skills and refresh your knowledge in the field. Contact us to know more and turn your game ideas into reality.

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