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Game Development College: Shape Future Game Developers

The online gaming trend continues to grow in the Philippines. People of all ages enjoy playing games using their computers, mobile phones, tablets, and game consoles. This booming industry makes way for executives and schools to team up and benefit from each other.

Game development colleges accept and train students on how to become a developer while the firms hire them to create unique games that they can market and sell. If you are planning to enter this industry and take up game development in college; then, here are the things that you should know first.

Not All About Play

Unlike what most of us know, game development courses are not all about playing games. It can be demanding. Playing games might be a way to pass the time, but creating them is definitely another matter.

In the old times, you need to deal with tons of math and physics subjects and “hard code” everything to create games. You have to memorize every code and command and put them into use following the principle of math and physics. But with the advancement of game developing programs and the availability of free open source devices, making games is now easier.

The codes for game systems like physics and networking are also available online as an open source.

Game Development Colleges

Though there are open sources online, it’s still best if you will learn game development in the proper venue. Aside from the fact that there are experts to guide you throughout the process, schools like CIIT Philippines will give you a diploma to certify your competence in game development.

Aside from the latest software, equipment, and facilities, CIIT proudly houses instructors who are also actual practitioners in the field. They are the game experts behind the largest game development firm in the Philippines, Anino Playlab.

They surely have the skills and the knowledge to create awesome games and being their “apprentice” will let you learn the advanced techniques. They can give you helpful tips and share some tricks that will surely help you in the future.

With CIIT’s affiliation with Anino Playlab, students can enjoy the benefits that other schools do not have. Most of the game geeks that work for the firm come from the school. So if you have the knack for some game-making, you might find yourself hired even before you graduate.

Are you artsy, technical, and passionate about games? Enroll at CIIT now! Visit www.ciit-ph.com to know more about the game development college’s courses and specialist programs.

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