From the Classroom to the Screen: How CIIT Game Dev Students Create Their Games

If you’re planning on becoming a great game developer, studying and practicing your craft takes number one priority. As a student, you shouldn’t just be able to create video games in theory, you should also be able to showcase what you’ve learned. This is where the game development process comes in. 

CIIT Philippines takes pride in the projects our students have created, and these creations include the games made by our Entertainment and Multimedia Computing students. Projects such as Com.Bot and The Classiest Act weren’t built overnight. How game development students create their games takes time and effort. We’re with our students every step of the way.

How game development students create projects 

Video game development is a multi-step process that takes organization, imagination, a lot of research, and attention to detail. Whether it’s your first game or working on your final project for school, how game development students create projects usually follows these steps:

Pick a concept

The first step in how game development students create projects is to choose a concept. Generate a few concepts to determine which one you intend to pursue. As a student, you can start small and simple. Think about the potential gameplay and elements that will make your project interesting. 

Gather information

How game development students create projects that don’t just come out of thin air. You need to conduct extensive research on the type of game you’re building and create a game design document, even if you’re working on a simple concept. You should determine the resources you need to make your creative vision into reality. 

Start building

This is the part where you use your entertainment and multimedia computing skills for game development. You need to determine the best programming language and game engine for your chosen concept. During this development stage, you can start scripting code for your game. 

Refine your concept

Prototypes help you identify discrepancies and issues in the early stages of your design process. Resolving these issues as they arise is essential because they can negatively impact the user experience. Make sure your game has all the necessary facets to keep the gamer interested throughout the playing journey. This is the perfect time to tweak and flesh out your game as you see fit. 

Test your game

No matter how skilled you are, how game development students create projects doesn’t happen perfectly and without any problems. When you’re in the zone, you might not be aware of some of your game’s shortcomings. Thus, it would be ideal if you got someone else to test your game and determine what needs to be improved. Even the most skilled game developers have to test their games multiple times to finetune their projects. 

Market the finished project

How will others be able to appreciate how game development students create projects if they don’t let others learn about their work? You should market your hard work on all platforms available. It would be helpful if you created a website and market your project on social media. We at CIIT Philippines help our students by displaying their works in our gallery.

Immersion in a creative environment

If you want to fully understand how game development students create their finished products, you should immerse yourself in a community of innovators that allows you to channel your creativity. We at CIIT Philippines take pride in honing our students so they’re industry-ready and confident to take on the world. 

Not only do we help you through the process of how game development students create projects, but we ensure that good quality education is available to everyone. We offer various scholarship programs, such as the Interweave Scholarship Program, Future CIITzen Scholarship Grant, and CIIT Financial Aid Program. 

Moreover, our CIIT Online Admissions System (COAST) allows aspiring CIITzens to apply and learn the status of their application at the click of a finger. Whatever academic path you choose, we’ll be with you every step of the way so you’re ready for the world. If you want to push boundaries and create video games yourself, explore our various senior high school and college offerings today. 

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