how to publish your game

From Student to Indie Developer: How to Publish Your Game and Market It

Publishing and marketing your game is a skill. This article will teach you how to publish your game and market it successfully.

Technology continuously evolves. With it comes the tremendous growth in the gaming industry on a global scale. It gives CIITzens with entertainment and multimedia computing skills more opportunities to develop and publish their games to a global audience.

With a Bachelor of Science in Entertainment and Multimedia Computing degree, you have nailed down the steps to develop an indie game; however, publishing and marketing are another. In this article, we will teach you how to publish your game and market it successfully.

Pre-launch activities

You’re already done conceptualizing, designing, and developing your game, so what’s the next step? 

Test your game

how to publish your game

Put your entertainment and multimedia computing knowledge to work. Create a prototype that you can use for beta testing. Test your game’s core mechanics and gameplay. Before you can publish the game, refine its design based on player feedback and fix bug issues. Ensure that you have an enjoyable overall user experience.

Legal and financial matters

Your game is the fruit of your creativity. You have managed to interweave art and tech out of your imagination. So, protect your game by trademarking or copywriting for its originality. You must also secure licenses for third-party content used in your game.

Developing your game is as expensive as publishing it. Determine your budget for publishing and marketing. As an indie developer, you may look for an investor or fund it through your side hustles!

Choose your platform

how to publish your game

While developing your game, have you chosen which medium you’ll focus on? You have multiple options such as PC, consoles (like PlayStation or Nintendo Switch), and mobile platforms (like Steam or Epic Games Store).

Identify your target audience to properly decide on where to publish your game. Use your entertainment and multimedia computing skills to adjust the technical requirements of each medium as well.

Marketing and promotion

On how to publish your game, marketing coincides with the pre-launch effort. Having potential players before publishing is a massive plus for publishers.

Create a buzz around your game as soon as you can. Build your website and social media presence where you can release game trailers and teasers to generate interest from gamers. It’s the easiest way to build a loyal community for your game where you can interact with your audience.

Attending game conferences and expos can also help in showcasing your game. Ensure you have a press kit containing game information, screenshots, trailers, and contact details for journalists, influencers, and prospective publishers.

Submission of documents

how to publish your game

Each publishing platform has its requirements and guidelines. You have to go through a certification process that involves meticulous testing. They need to check the stability of your game before publishing. Your game must meet the platform’s technical requirements. Some adjustments may be necessary based on their feedback.

Prepare your game manuals and promotional materials for submission as well. Once all is secured and approved, you’re all set to publish your game!

Post-launch support

Now that you have published your game, the process doesn’t end there. You will have a continuous use of your Bachelor of Science in Entertainment and Multimedia Computing degree. You need to maintain and improve your game to keep players interested. Monitor player feedback as well and address their issues promptly.

Don’t neglect the CIITzens who were following you during your pre-launch! Constantly engage with them through forums, social media, and live streams to keep them loyal to your community.

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how to publish your game

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