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Five Reasons You Should Use Animation on Your Website

Anything that’s visual thrills. For websites, the more visual a page, the more interesting and interactive it becomes. If you’re a web designer or a business owner who’s thinking of contents to put on your website, animation should be at the top of your options. CIIT, a web designer school, shares below a handful of great reasons that show how animated contents on websites help.

1. Stylish Content

A webpage with pure texts is boring and outdated. Likewise, its developer may lack skills. These stereotypes are true and hurtful. Hence, if you want to attract and impress your audience, improve your page by adding animated contents to them. In fact, they can make your website trendy and show it can offer fresh and updated contents. With most sites changing to stylish layouts, many now focus on sensible styles.

2. Improved Usability

Besides aesthetic purpose, using animation on your website can boost its performance. It sends a message to users that guides them as they use the site. In particular, it instructs on the clickability of specific sections and alerts them on incorrect inputs. Modern websites use the shake effect to signal something’s wrong and the user must correct or fix it. For instance, parts of a web page shake when the user enters the wrong password, or an item isn’t clickable. Effects such as this one aims to improve both site usability and user experience.

3. Worthwhile Loading

Long loading times are annoying and can be the reason most users move to other sites. When your site loads slow, and you can’t take anything out, put an animated content to divert users’ attention away from their frustration and extend their patience. Likewise, an added animation to your page wouldn’t affect its speed because more effective methods other than Flash are now available. Just use a charming animation to make their waiting time worthwhile.

4. Great Experience

Google’s homepage is bland, yet it offers great user experience. It uses an animation as visitors make a query. In addition, it offers suggestions as you encode words or phrases, a move that boosts user experience on its website. So, what else can you do? Direct your site users through a page using subtle animation such as sliding indicators or blinking arrows.

5. Personalized Approach

E-commerce sites get the most out of animations. Such content serves as a way to network with your clients and viewers. Through them, you can greet and remind users and suggest products with a custom message. Pop-ups and notifications are the most common means to custom fit your message without them (users) leaving your site.

It takes a great website to impress people and increase the volume of traffic. So, always consider a superb web design, one that’s striking and user-focused. To learn more animation techniques, attend a web designer school now! It’s a good investment because you’ll learn in-demand skills and gain a fruitful career. CIIT offers a short course on web design that comes in three modules. Inquire now for more details!

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