Five Great Reasons to Use Unity in Mobile Game Development

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unity mobile game development

As most people know, the gaming industry is in full throttle, yet creating a game needs money, work, passion, and skill. You have choices for game engines, but for students and newbies, Unity is right for mobile game development.

Unity Game Engine

Unity Technologies made Unity in 2004 and launched it a year later at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference. The firm first created it to build functions and projects on Mac computers but later introduced the product for other platforms. The software is a game development environment that offers built-in tools to help you create awesome 3D contents.

Reasons to Use Unity

1. It has a built-in visual editor that allows you to build and change your project fast. You can drag the objects and watch how they behave with new properties and run the game to see how it will look on your target device. You can add customized and specialized tools and plugins for increased productivity on your projects’ life.

2. It allows the simultaneous use of three languages, JavaScript, C#, and Boo, in one project to allow diverse developers to contribute at the same time. Using these languages as scripts contributes for fast compilation, quick iterations, and flexibility of the game design.

3. It can build your projects in various platforms without difficulty. You can choose the platform you want from a drop-down menu and Unity can build it with no changes on the project. This means you can spend more time improving your project and less time porting it to various devices.

4. It has an active and supported community where you can ask questions, receive guidance, discuss best practices, help others, and even show off a bit. Unity offers an asset store where you can share or sell custom-made content, letting you earn with no need to make them yourself.

5. It has two versions, Unity Free and Unity Pro. The free version comes with the features for making and selling games. If you want the pro features such as LOD Support, Path-finding, or IK Rigs, you can have them for $1,500. The price may be big for newbies, but for a game engine packed with such features, that is small.

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