combining traditional and modern art

Exploring Mixed Media Art: Combining Traditional and Modern Techniques

Art students need to figure out what they want. Combining traditional and modern art may be something you need to learn.

If you’re passionate about art and design, you probably know by now that art is about self-expression. While some artists find their niche very early, it’s normal for an art student to take time to figure out what they want. With this said, combining traditional and modern art may be something you need to learn.

What is mixed media art?

combining traditional and modern art

When different materials or media are utilized to create unique visual art, you call it mixed media art. Combining traditional and modern art techniques allows you to blend various styles and designs in a single cohesive space. Thus, mixed media art doesn’t place restrictions on people who don’t have excellent fine art skills or those who can’t draw. 

However, combining traditional and modern art doesn’t necessarily mean anything goes. Once you’ve chosen a particular area of mixed-media art, you must master a specific skill set and become comfortable with select materials. 

When combining traditional and modern art, you can use materials like cloth, wood, or paper to create mixed media art forms such as collages, journaling, and recycling. Mixed media art differs from multimedia art because the former only has visual elements, while the latter has non-visual aspects like sound and video.

What types of mixed media art are out there?

There are various ways to combine traditional and modern art. If you’re learning to design, trying different types to determine which one you like best would be ideal. Here are some common ways of combining traditional and modern art.

Altered books

An altered book is a fascinating form of mixed media art that takes an existing book as its canvas. Through this creative process, the book undergoes a transformation, evolving into a captivating collage or painting, giving it a fresh purpose or enhancing its aesthetic appeal. When the original literary content of the book remains an integral part of the artwork, it becomes a compelling component of multimedia art, seamlessly weaving together elements of literature and visual expression. 


combining traditional and modern art

An assemblage stands apart in art due to its incorporation of three-dimensional elements, effectively creating an immersive narrative. Crafting an assemblage allows for the utilization of diverse materials, including found objects, to craft a truly distinctive piece. These intricate artworks can take on various forms, with some assemblages adorning walls like captivating paintings, while others emerge as sculptural masterpieces, adding depth and dimension to the artistic experience.


A collage takes shape when a foundational material such as paper or wood is intricately combined with other diverse elements like fabric. This art form often conveys an organic, unscripted quality, inviting viewers to perceive it as an expressive outpouring rather than a meticulously controlled creation. Within the realm of collage art, the creative possibilities are boundless, allowing artists to craft two-dimensional compositions limited only by their imagination and artistic vision.


combining traditional and modern art

Most of the time, sculptures are molded using different materials. Hence, you can classify it as mixed media art. You can use wood, wire, or glass to create exceptional sculptures. The art simply needs to choose a base material and add other materials like paint to make the final product enjoyable with elements of shape and color. 

Wet and dry media

Mixing painting and drawing is familiar in mixed media art. However, the artist should be aware of the effect the art is creating. In addition, combining charcoal drawing with oil-based paints is an inventive way to stand out while resisting or mixing oil and water-based paints create a unique look. 

Combining Traditional and Modern Art and Beyond 

combining traditional and modern art

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