exploring art mediums

Exploring Different Art Mediums: Painting, Photography, and Digital Art

Exploring art mediums is crucial in building one’s skills and portfolio, especially for multimedia arts students in the Philippines.

Art is a diverse concept encompassing one’s expression of thoughts, emotions, and creativity through a physical medium. There are various types of art mediums for different types of art students. Exploring art mediums is crucial in building one’s skills and portfolio, especially for multimedia arts students in the Philippines.

Exploring Mediums

This article will briefly discuss the unique qualities and creative possibilities of painting, photography, and digital art. The following tips for Filipino students will help you figure out how to learn design by exploring art mediums.


exploring art mediums

In exploring art mediums, painting provides a tactile experience as it involves using tools, such as brushes, pigments, and canvasses, to finish a complete artwork. Each artwork creates texture and depth depending on the techniques applied.

A versatile art medium not confined to strict rules. Students of multimedia arts in the Philippines can apply their skills in arts and design by choosing the type of pigment (oil, watercolor, or acrylic), surface (paper, wood, or canvas), and style they are most comfortable with.

Exploring art mediums of painting include:

  • Traditional paintings using oil, watercolor, or acrylic
  • Palette knife painting, which uses a palette knife instead of a brush to create bold strokes
  • Mixed media using the application of collage elements (like fabric) to traditional painting techniques


exploring art mediums

Photography offers the ability to capture a moment in real-time, preserving a memory most realistically. Through technological innovation, the quality of pictures is no longer reliant on lighting and framing. Photos are now digitally edited and manipulated to enhance the art and design.

Exploring art mediums of photography include:

  • Portraits of people
  • Landscapes of scenic views
  • Macro or close-ups of tiny objects
  • Documentary of real-life events and candid moments

Digital Art

exploring art mediums

One of the most fascinating characteristics of digital art is the instant undo/redo action. Changes to the arts and design can be done instantly without the hassle and waste of materials. The availability of different digital tools and editing software offers limitless creative opportunities for different types of art students.

Multimedia arts students in the Philippines can easily collaborate with their peers to do artwork online.

Exploring art mediums of digital art include:

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exploring art mediums

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