Explore Your Dream of Being a Successful Filipino Entrepreneur with these Careers

Choosing a career path has become even more difficult with the ever-changing market nowadays. What once were flourishing industries today can take a dip while other jobs can rise more in demand tomorrow. While not one choice can ensure that you’ll have a lucrative future, strategically choosing your focus can definitely set you up for success. One of the smartest choices, if you do not want to be pigeonholed in a singular industry, is to go into entrepreneurship. 

In this article, we will talk about all the careers you can explore and how taking up Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship can help you become a successful Filipino entrepreneur.

What are the top career choices for Entrepreneurship graduates?

Taking a Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship degree gives you the flexibility to branch off to different industries. This program teaches you the basics of marketing, management, finance and business development. This gives you the advantage to keep up with changes in job demand because you are equipped with the foundational skills you need for other niches. 

But what exactly are the careers you can explore when you study business? Here are your options.

1. Startup Founder

successful Filipino entrepreneur

Of course, the number one path you can explore is to be an entrepreneur yourself. Taking up Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship teaches you everything you need to be a successful Filipino entrepreneur, from smartly using resources to innovative idea creation and execution to even optimizing your accounting and finance tasks. 

In the world of tech, these things are as important as product engineering. Starting a tech company isn’t just about building a great product, but also managing resources, people, and money to help grow the business. 

2. Business Developer

Most startups work with other companies to meet their business goals. This is where Business Development comes in. Business Developers are responsible for creating and taking care of relationships with other companies to grow their own. Their responsibilities span from sales to account management to market analysis to project management, among others. If you’re the type who likes to innovate and meet new people, Business Development is for you.

3. Digital Marketer

successful Filipino entrepreneur

With an entrepreneurship degree, you develop an entrepreneurial mindset and quantitative skills, which are both essential for a digital marketing role. Since digital marketing is heavily reliant on data, these skills can help you better understand, track, and analyze your online campaigns to push your brand and product to the right people. 

4. Business Consultant

successful Filipino entrepreneur

Working as a Business Consultant is quite similar to starting your own business, except instead of starting your own, you help others build theirs. You’ll be working with people who want to lift their business idea off the ground and form their own companies. You’ll also work with those who have already started but need some help with growth. You’ll be assessing their company, assigning projects or roles, and recruiting employees, among other responsibilities.

Are you ready to take up the challenge?

successful Filipino entrepreneur

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