Entertainment Multimedia Computing Program: In A Nutshell

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Entertainment and Multimedia Computing Program

Are you familiar with Clash of Clans? Were you so thrilled as you build your base and create plans to attack your enemies? At some point, did you wish you could create your own mobile game? If you want to turn your passion into a profession, then CIIT’s Entertainment Multimedia Computing Program is the best course for you!

What is Computer Science with Specialization in Game Development and Mobile App Technologies Program?

Have you ever heard of this course? In fact, the Bachelor of Science in Entertainment Multimedia Computing or BSEMC is one of the newest recognized programs by the Commission on Higher Education. In January 2014, CHED announced the course’s official guidelines and policies. Its curriculum includes theories and practices on how to develop multimedia products and solutions. Once enrolled, you’ll create other forms of media, using game development and digital animation.

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Which Track Must I Take?

You can choose from two focuses such as digital animation and game development. How are they different? Read more!

Game Development

–with this, you’ll learn the basics of game design, virtual reality, and game development and tools.

Digital Animation

–in this area, you’ll study the methods of 2D/3D animation, and other skills for broadcast, web, and mobile cast.

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What Will be My Strategy for This Course?

Imagine game development course as your own journey in Clash of Clans. You can consider your knowledge as your base and your skills as your resource bank. As you enroll in college and study the course, your base will expand and become stronger. Likewise, increase your resource bank through quality education and hands-on training to level up your battle tactics. Want to know how you’ll do it? Read the following tips:

1. Increase Your Elixir Collectors and Gold Mines to a Higher Level.

Collect more gold, elixir, and gems to defend your base. In addition, be ready to learn these skills so you can win in the battles:

  • Cultivate the concept, design, and structure of a system
  • Create graphics, build storyboards, and plan story sequences
  • Design, program, and edit software across a range of media such as videos, audio, images, and online apps
  • Develop games in both console and handheld devices, such as phones and tablets
  • Produce a game from concept stage to publishing

2. Upgrade Your Elixir Storage and Gold Storage, as Needed.

Your basic skills must upgrade, too. Aside from gold and elixir, garner trophies. To earn one, you need to finish capstone projects.

Gaming Development asks you to create a game or a tool that includes each cycle’s step. Meanwhile, in Digital Animation Technology, you must make an output that includes a full content program.

3. Attack Goblins in the Single Player Campaign.

Gather your troops to face the real world! Thus, as with the online world, you must defend your base real time.

Did the practices enrich your tactics to a higher level? Same as your strategy in the game, internship in a legit company lets you experience the real world. So far, if you lose count of the hours you spent on the game, don’t worry. At length, your internship lasts only 460 hours.

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Entertainment Multimedia Computing Jobs

Upon graduation, consider yourself a hero in the game. Channel your inner Barbarian King, Archer Queen, Grand Warden, and Battle Machine when you apply for any of these posts:

1. Game Development Track

  • Lead Game Developer
  • Associate Technical Director
  • Associate Quality Assurance Specialist
  • Senior Interactive Software Developer
  • Associate Game Producer
  • Senior Game Sound Engineer
  • Graphics Programmer
  • Associate Business Development Specialist for Entertainment and Multimedia Industries

2.  Digital Animation Technology

  • Creative Programmer
  • Technical Animator
  • Creative Content Developer
  • Ad Builders
  • Technical Director for Modeling/Rigging/Lighting
  • Technical Director for Game Art
  • Digital 2D/3D Animation Content Producer
  • Digital 2D/3D Production Designer
  • Associate Business Development Specialist for Entertainment and Multimedia Industries

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The CIIT Advantage: Specialization in Game Development

When you enroll at CIIT, what you’ll learn remains important beyond the time you graduate. In the same way, CIIT founder Niel Dagondon’s skills in the gaming industry prove to be helpful to students in the field. Aside from him, the faculty boasts of field experts who’ll hone your skills.

Another edge CIIT gives its students is Anino Games, the country’s first game development firm. They train students using trade standards. Likewise, they may hold workshops at Anino PlayLab.

Just as with any game, you need a strong base to win the battle. Hence, brace yours as you enroll in the Entertainment Multimedia Computing Program! CIIT Philippines will act as your shield so you can move on to the next level.

The article was originally written to explain the previous EMC program of CIIT with tracks under Game Development and Digital Animation

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