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Entertainment and Multimedia Boost SEA’s Games Market

With the dawn of the Internet age, the entire world saw a huge change in Southeast Asia (SEA). With economies once reliant on farming alone and being a known region for trade and export, SEA has now gone modern. In fact, it has received a new title—the region with fastest growing games market in the world.

The modern forms of games—mobile and web-based—are a hit among Southeast Asians.

What does this growth mean to the local and global markets?

Games Market Report

A report by Newzoo, a market research firm that centers on games, tells that SEA has emerged as the world’s top games market.

What is more startling with the report is that it has matched SEA with two much larger regions (Latin America and Eastern Europe), given that, SEA is merely a sub-region of Asia.

Following are highlights of Newzoo’s 2014 report on the SEA games market.

  • Game Revenues: SEA earned more than a billion dollars from a total of 126 million gamers.
  • Key Players: Of the 11 nations in the SEA region, 6 played key roles, collecting 99% of the whole region’s income. These were Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Viet Nam.
  • Mobile Games: Those with Western titles find success on local scenes.
  • Forecast: The firm expects that the games market in SEA will reach $2.2 billion by 2017, 85% of games trade in the world.
The Philippines Scene

It comes as no surprise that the Philippines is one of the top games markets. Since the boom of mobile Internet, the country’s access to the online world grew at a very fast rate of 800 percent (between 2004 and 2014).

In 2014, the Philippines had 27 million gamers, of which 11 million spent money for games, mainly on mobile.

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