Eleven Outstanding CSS Examples for Your Web Design Needs

Are you a web design pro or student seeking CSS-based designs to serve as your inspiration for your next project? CIIT, a web design school in the Philippines, has come up with a list of outstanding CSS examples (in no particular order or ranking) to inspire online users.

1. Windows of New York

web design school-Philippines: windows of new york

A simple yet long-scrolling page that is elegant, Windows of New York is a great sample of a CSS-built website. The source code displays four CSS files that link to external style sheets.

2. Elegant Seagulls

web design school-Philippines: elegant seagulls


This website combines the colors black, white, and apple green making its visuals striking. As the source code tells through a descriptive attribute, it connects to an external CSS file.

3. Life in My Shoes

web design school-Philippines: life in my shoes


This website, which aims to capture the interest of young people and feed their mind on HIV, has served its purpose. Its design—colors, texts, and fonts—makes the page look good.

4. Solo

web design school-Philippines: solo

This site, which features a project management tool for freelancers, carries a design from CSS3. It boasts of a sophisticated typeface while giving viewers, generations X, Y, and Z, fun. The variation in font sizes of the headings and subheadings makes its layout sleek.

5. Women & Tech

women in tech: web design school-Philippines


With multiple external style sheets it connects to, this website offers a good design and readable texts that appeal to online users. These style sheets made it easier to apply consistent styling across its web pages.

6. Lab Partners

web design school-Philippines: lab partners


One of the best examples of CSS sites, Lab Partners displays striking home and web pages. Its layout, font, and colors made it decorative; thus, appealing to the eyes.

7. Fine Goods

web design school-Philippines: find goods


It may appear too dark, but this website is unique in its own. An assemblage of CSS properties allows its tailored design. Its features—the price tags for each item and the scrollbar—let viewers sense its originality.

8. True Fish Tales

web design school-Philippines: true fish tales


Simple yet user-friendly, this content from the United Marine site used CSS3. It built its graphics and animations.

9. Merge Records

merge records: web design school-Philippines


Using CSS3 as one of its style sheet languages, the site has links to a few external style sheets. Plain in its striking thumbnails on a handful of its contents, the website has pleasing visuals. Built with PHP and HTML5, the site responds well to any device.

10. A&W

web design school-Philippines: a&w


The designer’s use of CSS rotation that transforms onto the text in the header section is awesome, giving it a print-menu finish. In addition, its layout, color, and texts give it a cool yet fun feel.

11. Pizza Brain

pizza brain: web design school-Philippines


The designer made a perfect choice for this site’s color, something that relates to its product. Apart from the nice mixture of typeface, it displays opacity effects, making its clean finish impressive to most online users.

These outstanding CSS styles may inspire you to create or revamp your website. Learn CSS and its specifics to give your web design knowledge a boost.

CIIT, a web design school in the Philippines, offers specialist courses in web design, 3D animation, multimedia, and game development. For details on its class schedules, go to www.ciit-ph.com.


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