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Eight Reasons Filipino Teachers Must Use Multimedia in Classrooms

For some educators, the use of technology can be frightening on various levels. They fear losing control, feel uncertain of their skills, and worry about digital footprint, privacy, or cyber-bullying. Are you one of them? To ease your fears and anxieties, CIIT, a multimedia arts course school listed the top reasons you must use the new style of learning in your classes. 

1. Personalized Education

Multimedia resources can help you meet the needs of your every student. Your visual learners may learn best with short videos, your auditory learners may prefer audio clips, and your bodily-kinesthetic learners may succeed with online interactive lessons. It can also help your students switch from being a traditional passive learner to an active and independent student. They will be able to complete or study the lessons in advance through self-learning when you can’t provide one-on-one sessions. 

2. Flexibility of Time and Space

Most new learning platforms allow you and your students to pause or replay the lessons at your convenience and within a flexible time frame. Gadgets these days also provide access to knowledge anywhere and anytime. You can make your students research online, bring experts into your class with podcasts, display interactive models, and find apps relevant to your lessons on your smartphone. 

3. Fit for Varied Personality Types

All multimedia platforms are neutral and their features include courses or question repetitions so that students have more opportunities for self-learning. You can also use them as alternative media for lessons that may deal with potentially harmful experiments or hard-to-obtain teaching supplies. 

4. Diverse and Dedicated Teaching Tools

Though expensive, the designers of these platforms ensure that their output is dedicated towards a specific goal. They can guarantee that it can provide varied teaching tools through text, music, pictures, and animation, as well as support students’ cognitive development. 

5. Effective Motivational Tool

Multimedia can show a variety of live designs, audio, and flash effects that can attract interest and boost your student’s development. It can also incite a strong desire to study and make teaching more vivid and lively. 

6. Boost for Traditional Learning Methods

Most multimedia platform absorbs the interactivity of the traditional learning platform allowing progress upon learning speed. Also, by connecting your students to a global community, they can learn about new cultures and countries in realistic ways. It can broaden their view of the world, too, and prepare them to interact with a larger society in an increasingly collaborative world market.

7. Improved Innovative Ability

Multimedia teaching can also develop student’s ability to upgrade the things around them. According to experts, teachers, like you, should focus on tapping your student’s creative side because imagination is a more vital source of knowledge. Multimedia offers you these desired results and allows you to find unlimited resources unlike textbooks. 

8. Refined Communication Skills

Many ESL students get a fixed, isolated knowledge points from textbooks, but they are not able to apply this knowledge in real life. Through multimedia teaching, however, you can create real-life scenes in the classroom. Aside from cutting the distance between teaching and practice, it can also give your students the chance to converse and fuel their desire to express themselves. 

Are you short of multimedia skills to apply in your own class? CIIT, a multimedia arts course school in Quezon City, offers a set of specialist courses that will help you produce effective multimedia tools for your students. The school offers four modules in multimedia arts, namely photography, photo editing, video editing & special skills, and digital illustration & page design. For more details, you may call CIIT at 411-1196 loc. 802 or 807.

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