Eight New Mobile Games to Watch Out for in 2017

In 2016, many cool mobile games invaded the Google Play and App Store. Trying to keep up with more complex device hardware, these mobile games were more immersive with improved processing potentials and graphics. CIIT-Philippines, a https://www.ciit.edu.ph/eight-new-mobile-games-watch-2017/leading mobile game development school in the country, hopes to see more of this trend and evolution to continue.

Check out our list of the most awaited mobile games of 2017 for both Android and iOS.

1. Antioch: Scarlet Bay [Developer: Mi-Clos Studio]

antioch: mobile game development school

Antioch is a multiplayer interactive fiction game. Based on the story Fiber Tigre wrote, players will need to act as one of two cops working together to solve an intriguing crime. Their quest will take them to the city of Antioch, a dark metropolis walled by sea and mountains.

2. Guildlings [Developer: Sirvo Studios]

guildings: mobile game development school

Guildlings is a fantasy adventure game set for mobile release next year. Described as “a game in a world of wizards and Wi-Fi,” this is the first game of Sirvo Studios, the new indie outfit founded by famed developers and artists such as Threes creator Asher Vollmer.

3. Ridge Racer Draw and Drift [Developer: Bandai Namco]

ridge racer: mobile game development school

Unlike other racing games that force you to drive with dodgy virtual controls, you could draw a route in this game and then time your drifts to stay ahead of the race.

While this new mechanic may be the newest feature in the game, Bandai Namco has ensured that everything else you’d expect from the Ridge Racer series is present in this new product. This includes the lively electric soundtrack, stunning graphics, and loads of cars that players can unlock during the game.

4. Abi [Developer: Lilith Games]

abi: mobile game development school

This is a story-driven adventure game about Abi, a small robot close to Pixar’s Wall-E character. It lived among humans until humanity disappeared during their quest for immortality. Abi is a puzzler as you explore various contexts and manipulate objects during your quest for answers.

5. The Walking Dead: March to War [Developer: Disruptor Beam]

walking dead: mobile game development school

What will you do to survive? The Walking Dead: March to War is a novel story-based multiplayer strategy game that will swarm Android and iOS devices next year. The creator, Disruptor Beam, boasts a strong track record of titles that include Game of Thrones Ascent and Star Trek Timelines.

6. Super Mario Run [Developer: Nintendo]

super mario: mobile game development school

You didn’t see it coming, did you? Super Mario Run will feature typical Mario levels with a twist. Unlike its popular Nintendo version, Mario will run on his own and players will need to time his jumps, tricks, and attacks accordingly.

7. Durango [Developer: Nexon Korea]

durango: mobile game development school

Durango is an isometric survival building game. It takes place on an island filled with dinosaurs and stranded people. Their only hope is to build tribes, collect supplies, and make the best of their situations.

8. Oceanhorn: Monster of Uncharted Seas [Developer: Cornfox & Bros]

oceanhorn: mobile game development school

This Zelda-like action-adventure game takes ideas and settings from Wind Waker but changes outlook to the isometric viewpoints of classic top-down Zelda titles. Players will fight monsters with various weapons, explore dungeons, cut bushes, and throw pots to find hidden hearts or coins.

Besides these games, many other mobile games await us in 2017. If we’ve missed to include some games, inform us by writing your comments below.

Do you have any fresh and cool concepts for a new game? Let one of the country’s top mobile game development school help you hone your potentials! CIIT offers a degree program and a specialist course on game development. Check out our Programs page to learn more about the courses’ specifics.

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