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Eight Digital Skills Every Student Should Learn Before Graduation

While it’s okay for older people to refuse technology, students like you have no reasons not to learn and maximize its advantages. Before you graduate, you must learn at least the basic of a few digital skills. Top digital arts school, CIIT, listed eight of the top competencies you should learn. Read on to discover.

1. Photo Editing

Even if you rarely need your Photoshop skills in school, it doesn’t hurt to know the basics. By learning how to edit photos, you can create your own artwork and alter it in any way you want it. Besides, more and more jobs today need Photoshop skills, including web design, marketing, and journalism. Thus, learning the basics will surely help you when you need to build your own website or sell products online. 

2. Video Editing

Even if you don’t plan to use your video editing skills regularly after graduation, knowing the basics can help you in many ways. You can be creative and view your work in a new light. Since a video is a crucial part of almost all digital marketing efforts, understanding its ABCs can bring you a fresh perspective. Likewise, it will give you a new way to express yourself creatively both inside and outside of school.

3. Backing up in the Cloud

Have you ever experienced rewriting a paper at the last minute because you missed saving it properly the first time? Make sure you do not let this disaster ruin your work. Computer systems may crash without warning and unexpected errors may prevent you from accessing internal storage on a computer, too. Worse, you may not be able to save your data and get serious results. Hence, learn how to back up your system data to give yourself electronic copies of your important documents.

4. Setting up a Website

Apart from getting yourself ready for the future, creating your own website will help you brand yourself and display your original works (e.g., writing samples, art portfolio, etc.). Although coding can help you with this, you can use various website-building services, too, such as Squarespace and WordPress.

5. Branding

Whether you want to be an engineer, chef, or blogger, remember that people will assess and judge you based on your online brand. Hence, having a personal website or portfolio is necessary. You must know how to set up a professional LinkedIn profile and keep a strong social media presence, mainly on Facebook and Twitter. In addition, you must learn how to delete or hide any content that might harm your reputation.

6. HTML and Basic Coding

Since our culture is becoming Web-centric, you should understand the basics of creating online content and master how to control its look and feel. HTML5 is the usual markup language web design companies and newsrooms use. Other types of coding can help you create programs and get information from your computer easily.  

7. Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office programs are essential processing tools for almost any business. Creating spreadsheets and presentations are skills many employees will assume you already have. Basic knowledge of such applications will save you time and effort and will make you appear professional no matter what field you choose.

8. Online Banking

Why update a passbook when you can just log on to your online account? Major banks such as BDO, Metrobank, and BPI feature intuitive online banking systems and mobile apps. If you know how to use them, you can manage your finances anywhere as long as you have an Internet connection. Instead of waiting in long lines at your local branch, you can transfer money and deposit checks right from your phone.

Digital skills are essential for helping you learn, solve problems, create, grow, and succeed. And they’re needed everywhere, not just in schools and classrooms.

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