Eight Cool Duterte-Inspired Mobile Games for Android Devices

Ever since Mayor Rodrigo “Rody” Duterte announced his candidacy as President, most Filipinos were excited to see the change(s) he will bring. From the polls to gadgets, his popularity went high-tech. To keep your phones up to date, CIIT Philippines, a mobile game development school compiled the coolest Duterte-inspired apps for Android devices.

1. Duterte Fighting Crime 2

mobile game development school: duterte fighting crime 2

With around 5 million installs, this action-packed game developed by TATAY topped the list. To play the game, use the left and right buttons to move Duterte and the scroll wheel to shoot the mean guys. Collect weapons and earn badges as you slay the villains. Latest updates include added big boss level and weapons in the shop. You can now seek help from Ronald “Bato” Dela Rosa and Miriam “Fireball” Jutsu, too.

2. Go Duterte Game

go duterte game: mobile game development school

Go Duterte is a role-playing app developed by Kulit Games based in Sampaloc, Manila. Your goal in this game is to help Duterte restore peace and order by eliminating incoming villains. Make him face left or right using the dedicated arrows on the lower leftmost part of the screen. Press and hold “shoot” to attack approaching robbers, kidnappers, corrupt politicians, etc. You can use the points you earned as you kill thugs to buy more weapons and ammunitions.

3. Duterterador

mobile game development school: duterterador

Duterterador is a mobile arcade game developed also by TATAY. Your goal here is to prevent zombies from eating Duterte’s brain by using your slingshot to drive them away. Hold the shoot button to increase power and the up or down button to change his position.

4. Rody Fight Duterte for Change

rudy: mobile game development school

Rody Fight Duterte for Change is a level-based action game developed by Keybol that operates in Porac, Pampanga. As Rody Duterte, your goal is to beat crime, corruption, drugs, and smuggling in six months. To move to the next level, you need to defeat various opponents and the boss in the final level.

5. Duterte (DU30) vs NogCybot

duterte (DU30): mobile game development school

Developed by 2EZAPPS, this action-filled mobile app pushes you to help Duterte get rid of drugs, suppress crimes, and fight against corruption. With the help of Cayetano, you must defeat the enemies and their big boss, NogCybot. Win in various missions to unlock other areas in the map.

6. Duterte Du30 Digong Game

digong game: mobile game development school

Duterte Du30 Digong Game is a simple arcade game made by Filipino Apps. Resembling the infamous game, Flappy Bird, your goal is to stop Duterte’s plane from hitting the rockets by tapping the screen.

7. Duterte Knows Kung Fu

duterte knows kung fu: mobile game development school

Made by Game Pencil, this action fighting game challenges you to beat approaching criminals using Duterte’s kung fu moves. Create combo attacks to earn extra scores and level up faster. It comes also with Power Up and Leni’s Love features that upgrade and heal your character.

8. Duterte Shooting Crime Game

duterte shooting crime game: mobile game development school

This simple shooting game made by Rojan Games aims to kill enemies and send them to hell. Use the controls at the lower part of your screen to move forward and slay your opponents. Don’t let your foes hit you, but collect extra bullets, bombs, and money to upgrade your weapons.

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