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DOLE: 2D Digital Animator, a Hard-to-Fill Job

This news is a welcome treat to Filipino entry-level job hunters and college freshmen!

The Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) gave a report on the labor market that covers 2013 to 2020. The report lists in-demand and hard-to-fill jobs.

You can view the report in PDF file format by clicking here.

What does the report imply? Despite its many unemployment problems, the Philippines still needs more qualified professionals. First-time job hopefuls can use the report to find the most sought-after posts. Meanwhile, students will understand the current trends and help them decide on what college course to pursue.

Ironic as it may be, that with the rise of technology, a few arts and IT careers are in the list of hard-to-fill jobs. For sure, the country has many IT graduates, but why does the market demand stay unmet?

Several issues may have caused this paradox although the latter could yet be the worst among them.

a) High standards set by firms
b) Workers’ lack of skills and training
c) Job mismatch
d) Quality of education

DOLE classifies the following arts and IT jobs as difficult to fill. Their addition into the list is yet another irony in the DOLE report.

  • 2D Digital animator
  • Animation artist
  • Animation technician
  • Layout artist, MIS developer
  • Multimedia artist
  • Technical support specialist

When these positions stay vacant, it may push the government to offer them to foreign workers. Thus, locals will lose their chances.

The whole world has not gone 3D digital yet. In fact, 2D animation remains a hit in recent times. As proof, many industries use it.

Skills in 2D digital animation will not go to waste because you can upgrade them to 3D or other knowhow if you study. As in other IT jobs, holding a 2D digital animator post is rewarding because it offers a fruitful career. Hence, the government urges gifted Pinoys to pursue a course in multimedia arts.

Do you want to become a 2D digital animator? Do you find it hard to land a full-time job? Digital arts course experts will be in-demand in the Philippines until 2020. Thus, equip yourself on this course through the best IT schools such as CIIT.

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