Do-It-Yourself: The Amazing Game Development

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Everyone gets the chance to experience becoming a child once in a lifetime. This is the stage when an individual desires to have many toys and play with other children. But the usual youngsters’ routines of playing have significantly changed over the years. Then, kids easily get attracted to toy cars, balls, robots, dolls, cartoon-inspired toys, and many others. But due to people’s endless desire and attempt to explore opportunities for technological invention, there comes another set of recreational tools for children. Today, kids are busy playing video and mobile games even without someone to play with.

More than being an amazing progress and development, this transformation is a milestone to human history. This scientific breakthrough has awakened minds to be curious about game development. Like kids, adults are very eager to learn the process of creating their desired games for their varied reasons and purposes.

What Inspires Them

The gaming industry usually requires professionals who have the experience and the knowledge in the field of Information and Communication Technology. As such, people in other lines of specialization, but who want to give game development a try, tend to back out believing that they only have interest on, but not the passion for the craft.

But in fact, there are a lot of things that interest entertainment enthusiasts. These include:

  • Curiosity. To feed hungry minds, some just resort in giving the skill a try and craft their own “masterpieces.”
  • Other’s Work. Inspired by the work of other programmers, many opt to try their luck in making one. Their goal is to surpass the fame and achievement of the existing, from where they patterned their output.
  • Personal Goal. This is a common reason among professional programmers. They just want to both utilize and enhance the knowledge and skills in game development so they are determined in pursuing their personal ambitions.
  • Something New. Some are just tired of doing the old stuff. To stay away from boredom and offer something different to other fanatics, they contemplate on launching original work.

Behind the Scenes

Aside from being an inspiration, the entertainment that every recreational tool brings to its users is the most important part of all. But it is unfortunate that users do not recognize the efforts exerted by the creators of these amusing stuffs. If they only get to know the process of making them, for sure they will be grateful.

Every “virtual” scene is a product of a well-thought idea translated into an exceptional end-result. Here’s the major process:

  1. Conceptualization. You first need to think of a concept and complete the necessary details entailed in it.
  2. Research. Research about the concept formulated. Know if there exists such a thing. Gather information from similar ideas.
  3. Software Program. Choose the appropriate software application program and programming language that can support every feature of the desired output.
  4. Draft. Prepare a rough draft of the rules, as well as, the program code.
  5. Creation Proper. This is the actual application of the program. Run it and debug it if there’s error.
  6. Test. Keep on running the program. Allow anyone to play with it without your presence. If it doesn’t work well, do the final editing.

The next step depends on you. Are you going to distribute/publish the product? If so, make sure there’s no problem with it. Collect feedback from users.

If you find difficulty in developing fun and recreational products, you may opt to enroll in a known ICT learning institution based in the Philippines—CIIT.

You Can Make It

CIIT has partnered with Anino Games, the Philippines’ biggest game development company. This collaboration has made game development a lot easier to grasp. It has also paved the way to establish a comprehensive curriculum and launch training programs for both instructors and students.

CIIT believes everyone has an artistic skill deep within themselves. Individuals simply have to learn to enhance their abilities. Enroll now at CIIT, use your creativity, and translate your imaginations into a state-of-the-art recreational reality.