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Diploma and Degree Programs: Your Quick Guide on Knowing the Differences

In order to find more career options, many students take higher education. Specifically, this stage of formal learning seeks to expand the knowledge of students while preparing them for their professional field. Students can pursue diploma and degree programs after high school. However, one might ask: What is the difference between the two? Learn more about degree vs diploma programs through our quick guide.

Difference Between a Diploma and Degree Program

Are you still undecided on which program to choose? Worry no more! Here’s our simple guide to help you choose your academic degrees in college:

Diploma Programs

Diploma programs are courses of study which focus on practical skills. Unlike degree programs, diploma courses put emphasis in technical practices than wide theoretical knowledge. One of the benefits of diploma courses is that it offers knowledge in lesser time. Usually, students can complete these courses within two to three years which allows them to enter the workforce earlier. Hence, this track caters those who want to improve their skills without taking degree programs.

Degree Programs

If you want to get in-depth knowledge about a specific field, then degree program is the best choice for you. Unlike diploma courses which students can complete in a short time, taking degree programs last for three to four years. That said; students taking degree programs will hone both practical skills and theoretical expertise. There are four types of degrees, namely:

  • Associate degree
  • Bachelor’s degree
  • Master’s degree
  • Doctorate degree

Students who will take degree programs can choose their own area of study. These options can shape their education and help them find more career options and greater chances to land their dream job. Now, since most of the students were exposed to technology, many aspire to pursue a career in arts and technology. Know more about this promising field with CIIT Philippines bachelor’s degree list!

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CIIT Philippines’ Bachelor’s Degree Choices

Bachelor of Multimedia Arts

Enrich your skills in a chosen medium. Dreaming of entering film production? How about graphic design? You may want to know the different types of 3D animation, too. Broaden your repertoire of skills through our multimedia arts subjects.

Bachelor of Fine Arts

Let your creativity shine through CIIT’s Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. Aside from learning old methods such as painting and drawing, you’ll also gain hands-on experience in other art forms in today’s digital world.

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

If you enjoy crafting games, then Computer Science is for you. This course covers the whole game development cycle. Be the next top programmer or developer with our track!

Degrees in college: Which is better degree or diploma?

Now that you already know the differences between diploma and degree programs, it’s time for you to choose the best path to take. If you prefer to learn practical skills within a short time, then it’s better to choose diploma courses. However, if you want to dive into the depths of a specific field and find more career options, then you can choose the degree programs. Pave the way toward your dream career with CIIT Philippines. Browse through our bachelor’s degree programs and lead your way to success! Contact us to know more.

Update: While CIIT Philippines does not offer diploma programs currently, we provide a variety of specialist courses that can equip you with the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in your chosen field. Our courses are tailored to provide hands-on, practical learning opportunities that are relevant to industry requirements and standards.

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