Digital Photography

Digital Photography: Lights, Camera, Enroll

The Wonders of Digital Photography

Photographs bring back a lot of memories. They visually tell stories behind candid moments, people, places, and events. In today’s age of smartphones, Instagram, and Flickr, anyone can instantly become a photographer. You may easily enhance a messy-looking photo to a shot-like-a-pro image by using filters, effects, and different levels of saturation and exposure.

Most of us consider photographs a valuable keepsake. In fact, when you ask people what is the one thing that they will rescue from a burning house, “photographs” is one of the most frequent answer. It’s really interesting how our souls and emotions can be touched by captured images. Who wasn’t moved by the mysterious smile of Mona Lisa? Or the expressive eyes of Audrey Hepburn? Their images are a reflection of creativity, ingenuity, and passion.

According to research, almost 208,300 photographs are uploaded to Facebook every minute. If this trend continues, Yahoo! predicted that 880 billion photos will be taken in 2014. Wow! But why do we really love photos? A recent study of NeoMam Studios explains that 50% of our brain is involved in visual processing. It consumes 34 gigabytes of information or 100,500 words on an average day. Therefore, photographs and/or images are a relief from boredom and overloaded with information. Apart from preserving life’s precious moments, photography has also become interesting because of some apparent reasons:

  • They allow us to communicate and share information
  • They make us artists
  • They simplify complex stories
  • They are a creative outlet
  • They share different perspectives
  • They help others see the beauty of everything

Why Go Digital?

For the past few years, digital photography emerged as a useful tool for exploring a wide array of photographic options. Unlike traditional photography, it provides several advantages including:

  • Instant results
  • Proper ISO from different shots
  • Digital media/camera is more portable
  • Images are easier to store
  • There are no film processing costs
  • Instant, easy photo sharing
  • Creative control
  • Easy editing/processing

Photography can be both a hobby and a career at the same time. All you need to do is pick up your camera, find a subject; focus your lenses; click; and voila! A masterpiece was then created in no time. However, learning recent techniques is still the key to becoming a successful photographer.

The popularity of digital photography has become apparent with the growing number of digital arts schools. Each institution offers a variety of courses that will equip students with relevant skills in photography and other multimedia courses.

Known for its industry relevant curriculum, expert faculty staff, and state-of-the-art facilities, CIIT emerged as the top digital school in the Philippines. It offers short courses to enthusiasts who want to improve their skills in digital arts, including:

  • Digital Photography
  • Web Design and Development
  • 3D Animation
  • Video Editing and Special Effects
  • Game Programming

For more information about these courses, go to ciit-ph.com.