Digital Painting and Sculpture

Digital Painting and Sculpture at CIIT: What Should You Expect?

Are you an artist who wants to secure a stable job in the industry? Being merely a computer literate will not be enough. Fusing your passion in the arts with digital media through a bachelor’s degree is the key to that goal. Seeing painting and sculpting in a new light other than canvas, clay, plaster or wood is the new trend.

A digital painting and sculpture program, like the one that CIIT offers, is an opportunity to hone both your creative and technological skills. This course will help you express your feelings, ideas, and inner visions by applying the concepts of traditional painting and sculpture in creating animation or manipulating images.

Fields of Specialization

This course will let you major in the following fields of arts and technology:

  • Traditional Animation
  •  Digital Painting
  • Life Drawing and Anatomy
  • Sculpture and Modeling
  •  Branding and Design
  •  Portfolio Development
Career Outlook

Being a graduate of any of the above fields will help you acquire jobs such as:

Exhibiting Artist. You can make art pieces for display in museums, zoos, and the likes. You can design and layout exhibit settings, too, and discuss with museum staffs the artworks they need.

Art Historian. When you become an art historian, you will evaluate, restore, and preserve a wide variety of artifacts. You will work at art galleries, historical societies, and museums.

Art Dealer. This job involves displaying and selling visual art items. Art galleries hire dealers to bring in different art pieces. When you become one, you must foresee current trends and swings in the market, as well as detect and critic art value.

Production Designer (Theater). You may use your artistic flair to create film, TV, and theater productions. You will have to design a visual framework and create sets, props, costumes, places, special effects, graphics, etc.

In merging traditional learning with digital media, CIIT aims to prepare its students and equip them with the skills they will need in the modern world. The school recognizes the importance of these skills in securing the future of its graduates and in attending to the needs of modern firms and industries.

If you enroll in a digital painting and sculpture program, you will surely get a great spot in the highly competitive field of technology. So what are you waiting for? Enroll now! This course is open for professionals and incoming college students. Explore our page to know us better.

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