Digital Painting and Sculpture

Digital Painting and Sculpture at CIIT: Hybrid of Old and New

We have heard of the never-ending battle between traditional and digital art. Some say traditional is the “real” art, while others justify the many benefits of using digital tools in perfecting art.

CIIT appreciates and recognizes both art forms. Thus, despite naming the course “digital painting and sculpture,” it includes traditional art practices in its curriculum. Its aim is to bring up new breed of artists through old and modern methods.

But why does CIIT hone its students this way? Check out some of its reasons below.

1. Merging tradition with technology helps artists master the trade.

Students must be able to show their artistic skills both manually and digitally. It is crucial to perfect tangible works before doing it directly on a computer. Thus, the school hones their students by allowing them to work with still life models as well. CIIT believes actual painting on canvass and hand-made sculpture can give students better knowledge and training on the craft.

2. It imparts values and familiarity.

Through old methods, students can learn painting and sculpture patiently and systematically. They will gain persistence and will know the basics to achieving proficiency. Formal training through meticulous and repetitive means can make them create something truly original. It will help them once they venture out into the real world too.

3. It deepens artists’ competence by widening the focus.

In learning both traditional and digital art, students can intensify their skills as an artist. The digital age needs people who can work on computers or digital devices. As such, digital proficiency is their edge to succeed as a modern artist. AT CIIT, students can benefit from state-of-the-art facilities and tools. They will learn new ways of doing arts that can improve their technical skills.

4. Design software will depend on innate and sharpened talent.

Digital devices can’t build a masterpiece on their own. They will need to rely on the artists’ command and motor skills to create a great piece of art. Exposing them to the old styles will enable them to work on contrast, shades, shapes, and depth. Knowing the basics can ignite their artistry and inspire them to create unique works.

Working within the scope of digital painting and sculpture is a mix of old and new methods. Students have to learn both ways to carry out their works well and be competent artists. In widening their focus, they can gain higher level of expertise. This can make them unique and highly desired artisans for many industries.

If you want to improve your skills and be among the world’s best visual artists, you may visit CIIT at www.ciit-ph.com. You may also send your questions to info@ciit-ph.com.

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