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Digital Arts School: Prepping up the Future of Designers

However you look at it, artistic people have a sound future. You just need a good digital arts school to help you improve your skills.

Do you want more proof? Check the job offers of BBC, Google, Warner Brothers, Pixar, and other film outfits. Behind this good news, though, lies a sad truth. The design world is growing, but a shortage of designers is looming. Ongoing innovation drives the creative world to find real craftspeople. The industry is doomed if the skill gap continues to grow.

So what is wrong with design education today? Could it be the teaching method? Will your school hone you the modern way if it uses an archaic system? But if you choose an art school, you might gain advanced knowledge and skills suited for this field.

Here are ten reasons incoming college students should enroll in art and technology schools.

  1. They provide the appropriate skills and knowledge for you. Their core purpose is to equip you with design, technology, and business competency.
  2. They improve your abilities. Through collaboration, you will develop soft, mental, and practical skills.
  3. They offer formal training across a variety of art disciplines. Art schools feed you with various skill sets. Such allow you to be involved in digital painting and sculpture or animation needed in today’s trends.
  4. They teach both old and modern styles that will make you a competent designer.
  5. They expose you to real-life conditions. You gain the experience of working in a time-pressured and competitive set-up that hones your potentials to be quick and accurate.
  6. They keep you familiar with the latest technology. You gain access and exposure to cutting-edge tools, devices, and software. Likewise, you get hold of the latest techniques to boost your creativity.
  7. They introduce you to real-world projects equipping you with skills that follow high industry standards. Hands-on training will make you at ease and accustomed to the method. More drills will improve your style and skills as an artist.
  8. They make you work in teams. Cooperating with people will not just groom your technical side, but also your human traits.
  9. They let you interact with practitioners from the creative industry. You will receive feedbacks and learn ways to improve your skills.
  10. They make you experience a learning set-up that reflects the art industry.

The industry seeks well-rounded talents to keep up with the growing demands of the industry. It needs people with skills, user experience, research knowledge, and empathy. Digital arts schools such as CIIT respond to this demand. They sharpen students’ practical know-how.

Be prepared for a stable employment and a positive future if you will attend an art school. If you want more information, visit www.ciit-ph.com.

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