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20 Coolest Freelance Jobs for Digital Arts Graduates

Digital arts is a budding career. In the same way, Project JobsFit, a Department of Labor and Employment or DOLE market study, found that digital arts is one of the country’s emerging trades. In fact, this has become possible because it offers jobs faster than its output growth in the long term. Hence, if you want to study a digital arts course, below are digital arts freelance jobs you can take on after graduation.

20 Coolest Freelance Jobs for Digital Arts Graduates

So, are you going to track a digital arts career path? Get to know these digital arts freelance jobs you can take on after graduation.

Multimedia Arts Graduates

1. Creative Director

– Leads audience promos, assists in audience research, and makes creative briefs and concepts.

2. Audio-Visual Production Specialist

– Keeps, assembles, and controls audio and video components, plus cameras, mics, lights, and sound mixers.

3. Illustrator

– Designs still or 2D drawings for both print and digital ads, books, magazines, packaging, greetings cards, and newspapers.

4. Animator

– Makes digital or hand-drawn pictures, and then forms and orders the frames to create movements.

5. Multimedia Designer

– Creates special effects for movies, TV shows, and video games or crafts visuals and multimedia presentations for firms and organizations.

Fine Arts Graduates

1. Digital Painter

– Adds color to the line images made by animators, scans drawings, and cleans up the line work before coloring as needed.

2. Production Designer

– Creates and runs the visual parts of a film, TV, or theater production including sets, graphics, props, lighting, and costumes.

3. New Media Specialist

– Designs digital media campaigns aligned with business goals and coordinates the creation of content and end-to-end projects.

4. Visual Merchandiser

– Promotes the image, products, and services of firms and groups by visualizing and designing displays, stands, and panels for fairs, seminars, and events.

5. Exhibiting Artist

– Creates scale drawings and plans for exhibit settings and accessories installations, scrutinizes sizes, positions, and general outlines for artwork formations.

Computer Science with specialization in Mobile App and Game Dev Graduates

1. Game Developer

– Outlines the concept and codes and improves video and online games for computers and game consoles.

2. Technical Director

– Plans and leads all technical activities and ensures projects, initiatives, and methods agree with the firm’s goals and programs.

3. Game Quality Assurance Specialist

– Tests, tunes, and debugs games and suggests enhancements to ensure their quality and playability before they go live.

4. Software Developer

– Writes programs for and takes part rather in the design, installation, testing, and maintenance of software systems.

5. Graphics Engineer

– Codes in various languages to create a visual user interface for systems software or end-user programs.

Computer Science Graduates

1. System Analyst

– Studies the status of the clients’ system, writes requirements for new ones, and also applies and checks their effectiveness.

2. Research Engineer

– Gathers data and samples to test and find the best method, material, and product to use for apps.

3. Data Analyst

– Collects and inputs data such as sales figures, market research, logistics, financial expenses, and transportation costs and uses them to help firms make better business decisions.

4. System Programmer

– Checks, piles up, installs, develops, and keeps operating system software; likewise, gives technical support to users on system software and utilities.

5. Software Support Specialist

– Gives support to a firm’s software apps, trains end-users, and, at length, creates detailed reports based on performance and activities.

20 Coolest Freelance Jobs for Digital Arts Graduates - CIIT Infographic

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