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How Five of the Best Pinoy Graphic Designers View Their Jobs

Are you curious on the current status of the graphic design industry in the Philippines?

Tom McCallum of Interactive Design Institute spoke to some of the country’s best graphic designers to know what they think about their jobs. Here’s what they have to say:

1. “The graphic design scene or art scene in general in the Philippines is pretty diverse. Lately it’s been leaning towards typography, calligraphy and lettering—and it’s pretty interesting how artists adapt these fields to their own preferred styles and medium.” – Abbey Sy

2. “I think of the popularity of graphic design in the Philippines as more of a cultural phenomenon. When it comes to Filipino graphic design, it’s all about the maximal and visual aspect. The Filipino audience love aesthetically pleasing, free designs with no rules, as these designs easily catch their attention.” – Vincent Rhafael Aseo

3. “In the recent past, the graphic design scene in the Philippines had been a little bit left behind by other countries. But in the past few years I think it’s been really catching up fast. A lot of Filipino designers and illustrators are now getting recognised internationally.” – Terence Eduarte

4. “I think I can say that the design scene here in the Philippines is starting to push its way forward. It’s exciting to see a lot of emerging artists and designers working together to keep the community running. With our current design scene being fairly enthusiastic, I’m pretty positive that it will continue to boost over the coming years.” – Risa Rodil

5. “The design scene in the Philippines is very competitive and diverse, with different influences from different cultures, creating huge impact on how designers think and design, as well as the experience, discipline, environment, attitude, emotions and the way they look at the world; it all adds up to the output of their creation.

Today, more and more people are aware of the difference between good and bad designs, and in effect, this builds a strong demand for a smart, well thought-out holistic design approach.

For today’s graphic designers and artists, such as myself, it’s not enough that we have the knowledge and skills, or are using the latest technology. The challenge is to create responsible, functional designs; simple enough for everyone to understand its true meaning, focusing not only on the message that needs to be conveyed, but also taking into account the materials and process that’s going to be used as the medium for the designs, without contributing to the problems our environment is facing today.” – Marlon Mayugba

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Source: www.idesigni.co.uk

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