creating art with a theme

Creating Art with a Theme: How to Adapt the Holidays

Creating art with a theme is one of the opportunities to explore your creativity. Holiday-related art is a fun way to practice your skills.

As an art student delving into the world of design, trying your hand at creating art with a theme is a fantastic way to explore your creativity. Moreover, experimenting with holiday-related art makes learning art and design enjoyable and provides a playful avenue to hone your skills.

In this article, we’ll briefly discuss the significance of mastering the art of transitioning your creations for the holiday season, share some handy tips to do it effectively and explore how this skill positively impacts you as a multimedia arts student in the Philippines.

Creating Art with a Theme

creating art with a theme

On a personal level, knowing how to adapt a holiday theme to your art and design is a way of celebrating the season. The festive atmosphere may inspire you to create different designs you are not accustomed to. But as a type of art student who is eager to be the best in the industry, adding holiday-related art into your portfolio adds diversity to the range of work that you can do and it shows that your art and design skills are not limited to a single theme. 

In the multimedia arts in the Philippines, it is important to remain relevant. Since the Philippines celebrate Christmas as early as September, there is a high market demand for holiday-related art. Having the right art and design skills will allow you to accept commissions for holiday-related projects.

Tips for Filipino Students When Creating Art with a Theme

creating art with a theme

Choose a specific holiday

There is a variety of holidays to choose from, like Christmas or Hanukkah. Every holiday has its traditions, symbols, and even a color scheme—research all the elements you must and must not incorporate into your design for your chosen holiday. You want to represent the cultural aspect of the holiday correctly, even with art.

Apply the appropriate colors

Different holiday also means different colors. You want your art and design to precisely depict the holiday that you are highlighting. Christmas is usually associated with red, green, and gold, while blue and silver are for Hannukah.

Include traditional symbols

Adding seasonal elements to your art and design is vital to express the holiday spirit immediately. Christmas is known for Santa Claus and Christmas trees with ornaments, while Hanukkah is celebrated with the menorah and Star of David.

Experiment with mediums

Be the type of art student who enhances all their skill set. Explore using digital art, traditional drawing, painting, or even photography. Being an all-around artist is good for your business.

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creating art with a theme

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