Corporate Training Benefits: Why companies should invest in corporate training

Corporate Training Benefits: Importance of Training and Development Programs

Some firms view training as a waste of time and money. They think these will not create any impact to their company and will only cause drawbacks. Instead of this, let us look at it positively. If done effectively, these training are worth your investment. Know more about corporate training benefits and why take it.

The Power of Training and Development Programs

Companies need to adapt to the changing environment to keep up with their competitors. In a place where knowledge is evolving, continuous learning is vital to success. Thus, corporate training should be included in their programs.

Based on a recent study, employees taking training attain 37% higher productivity rate. This proves that these kinds of programs help them become more efficient in attaining their daily tasks. In return, this affects the overall performance of the company. Firms who are taking training programs achieve “24% higher profit margin than those who don’t”. Thus, employee training and development programs contribute to the company’s success.

Corporate Training Benefits: Why Should Companies Take It?

Still thinking whether to invest in training? Here are benefits of company training to help you decide:

Helps create their “ideal employee”—The Learning Wave says “74% of employees feel they are not reaching their full potential”. This might be for the lack of avenues to show their talents. Unleash your skills by enrolling in classes that will help you build your confidence.

Increases retention—Data reveals that “40% of employees with poor training leave their job within the first year”. Aside from salary, another factor that makes them stay at work is their chance to learn and grow. They enjoy exploring new opportunities. Thus, such programs are good efforts to engage and motivate them to remain in the workplace.

Appeals to millennialsMillennials are stereotyped as “job-hoppers” by older generations. Gallup report says that 21% of millennials in 2016 switched their jobs in the past year. It’s because this cohort value knowledge and engagement as much as the salary. So, giving career training will motivate them in their work.

In-Demand Corporate Training Programs Today

Firms must keep up with the changing technology. This makes training in the fields of Arts and Science in-demand today.

CIIT Corporate Training Benefits

Download corporate training benefits infographic.

Want to gain these corporate training benefits? CIIT Philippines offers corporate training programs to help you and your company achieve success. Contact us to know about our programs.

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