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Cool Mobile Application Development Ideas You Never Know Exist

Are you looking for ideas for your next mobile application development project? For cool inspirations, check out these apps that you might not know exist.

1. Parking Mate

Available for iOS, this app tells you the closest and safest places to park your car and the spots where you’ve parked previously. It can monitor how much time you have left, too, and notify you when you’re close to expiration. You can also add “rules” to keep yourself and others posted of the parking regulations in various neighborhoods.

2. Flush Toilet Finder

Developed by Jake and Sam Ruston, this app helps you locate toilet facilities near you. Its database covers over 100,000 public restrooms worldwide and works even without internet connection. It tells whether a restroom has a fee, requires a key to access, or holds rooms for PWDs.

3. Giftry

Available on App store and Play store, Giftry lets you add gift ideas to your wish list from any store and share them with your family and friends. Vice versa, it lets you discover the perfect gifts for your loved ones on their special day, too. Plus, users can mark gifts as purchased so you won’t make the mistake of buying the same thing for them.

4. Cloth

This app lets you digitally archive your daily looks, catalog an entire wardrobe, and refer to past outfits anytime. You can sort them as Everyday, Event, Evening, Vacation, Work, and as your Favorite. You can also take pictures of outfits you love and build an easy-to-navigate library for later wear.

5. Splitwise

Share bills and IOUs and make sure that everyone pays back with this free app available for both Android and iOS devices. With Splitwise, you can split household bills with roommates, figure out costs for a group vacation, or just remember when a friend spots you for lunch.

6. Dyce

Can’t decide where to eat or grab a drink? Let Dyce help you find and choose from six of the best bars or restaurants near you with a dice-roll. What’s more, you can get instant driving directions, as well as dining tips and ratings upon your arrival.

7. TryItOn

Compatible with both Android and iOS devices, Try-It-On allows you to preview what your face would look like wearing a specific shade of lipstick. Just upload a photo, scan the product’s barcode, and then decide whether the lipstick matches your skin tone. You can also get a second opinion from your friends, as it lets you upload the photo on your Facebook and Instagram pages.

8. SleepBot

This app monitors your sleep cycle and tracks fluctuations between deep sleep and light sleep cycles throughout the night. It lets you set an alarm window, too, that rouses you up when you’re in a light sleep phase. Studies suggest that waking up during a light sleep phase can help you get up at your best. It can make you more eager, alert, and refreshed for the rest of the day.

9. CityMaps2Go

Find your way to the top spots and destinations! Discover exciting cities, beautiful photos, and travel tips in one touch using this app. It helps you explore new places through maps that do not require internet connection.

10. Zombies, Run!

This ultra-immersive running app turns your jogging routine into a game of survival where every run becomes a mission. Besides offering the perfect playlist of heart-pumping audio drama and pulse-pounding sounds, you’ll also get to collect supplies to grow your base back home.

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