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Computer Versus Software Engineering School in PH: Do They Differ?

Unlike 15 to 20 years ago, computer and IT courses today are more diverse and complex. Schools now develop and create a number of IT courses and provide various programs to choose from. No wonder, students get confused on the right program to take after high school.

Do you also see yourself torn between excellent but rather similar courses such as computer and software engineering?

When deciding on a course to take in college, make sure you know first where your intellect and skills fit. Consider your experiences and much-loved subjects in high school. Moreover, perform a thorough research. Look into the subjects offered on each course and see which program offers the specialties you want to improve on.

Do you want to know the difference between a computer and software engineering course? Here is an overview of two of the most commonly mixed up programs today.

Computer Engineering

Do you want to gain a general expertise on computer networking, systems and components? Then this course is an excellent choice. When you take this up, you will learn how to design and develop a whole computer system, as well as build computer hardware and create codes that run them. You will study the functions and parts of a computer and other hardware-related software like device drivers and operating systems, too.

This field, however, isn’t limited to personal computers only. As a computer engineer, you will also create built-in computer systems to program cars, planes, video games, and other small devices or equipment.

Software Engineering

This program is a combination of a Computer Science and an Engineering course. But unlike other IT courses, it is more practical and less theoretical. The course entails you to build and maintain software systems. It focuses on program development to ensure that the system functions well. If you prefer a more hands-on approach, then, this course is right for you.

A degree in software engineering will teach you the nuts and bolts of computer science and system development. You will learn how to plan, design, build, develop, test, operate, and maintain automated systems and applications for companies and enterprises.

Compared with other IT courses, Software Engineering is currently the country’s highest paid job according to Jobstreet.com. The firm’s most recent salary report states that entry-levels specializing in IT-Software can earn as much as PhP37,000 monthly, while managers can get about PhP100,000.

Top IT school, CIIT-Philippines, offers a BS Computer Science degree program that specializes in Software Engineering. To know more about this program, you may visit www.ciit-ph.com or send your questions to info@ciit-ph.com.

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