Computer Science Skills to Develop as a Student

Computer Science Guide for Aspiring IT Professionals

If you want to pursue a career in the field of information technology (IT), then you need to equip yourself with computer science skills that can help you grow. While years in school will teach you basic coding and programming skills, training will help you hone them. So to reach your dream, be sure to never skip classes and pay close attention to your lessons.

Difference between Computer Science and Information Technology

Before anything else, let’s differentiate the two disciplines. Computer science and IT differ from each other. Computer science focuses on back-end facets, like software development and system execution. On the other hand, IT centers on maximizing current operating systems, software as well as applications to solve a certain problem. IT focuses on hardware and software, cloud computing and storage.

In this post, we list down the top computer science skills you have to cultivate if you wish to enter and thrive in the IT industry.

Top 5 Computer Science Skills Students Need to Hone

As lifelong learners, we do well to admit that there are certain areas not only where we excel, but also where we need improvement. Specialization plays a key part in honing our skills, helping us pursue careers we love. Students, especially youngsters like you, may not know yet where to use the skills you’re gaining. Nonetheless, always remember that you might need those when the time comes.

So, whichever strand you want to take, bear in mind that each of it requires a different set of skills and background. For instance, a computer science career involves taking up Computer Science (BSCS) under the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) strand or Information and Communications Technology (ICT) strand.

To help you know the skills you have to master, here are the top IT skills you must know:

1. Logical and Reasoning Skills

The ability to study factual data to dissect problems is one of the most crucial IT skills required of IT professionals. Since you’ll be dealing with data, you must know how to think of practical ideas.

2. Versatility

Like most fields, change is constant in IT. Since technology is ever-changing, you must learn how to adapt and be resilient. Learning how to adapt will make it easier for you to take on projects that are subject to change.

3. Attention to Detail

In pursuing computer science under the STEM strand, data is your friend. Given this, you must have a keen eye for detail. How? Try jotting down notes that will help you remember details. Honing this skill will help you finish tasks properly and on time.

4. Programming

As an IT student, coding is your main duty. According to Fast Company, as the most basic part of programming, coding is now the most needed skill among fields. Since firms are making a big shift from manual systems to digital, they are forced to hire IT experts.

5. Database Management

From data planning to software maintenance, database handling involves a wide range of tasks. Remember, you can’t run a program correctly if there’s a wrong code. This applies to databases, too, wherein one wrong data can affect your entire system. Therefore, train yourself in certain areas where sharp focus is needed.

Careers in Computer Science

Careers in Computer Science: What Should You Pursue?

The computer science field has lots of job choices you can explore. To help you know what you want to pursue, here are five computer science or IT jobs you must know.

  1. Software Developer. In this job, you’ll craft, maintain and develop software.
  2. Computer Systems Analyst. If you excel in systems maintenance and preservation, this job is for you. This post involves the review and improvement of computer systems.
  3. Web Developer. This job centers mainly on the back-end development of a website.
  4. Database Administrator. This job encompasses data storage and retrieval to run error-free systems.
  5. Computer Hardware Engineer. In this field, you’ll design, develop, and test computer parts. This is best if you excel in hardware development.

Assess the areas where you excel the most. Knowing your expertise will help you know the skills you need to cultivate further.

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