CIIT PHL: Is Computer Science with specialization in Game Dev and Mobile Technologies Worth It?

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Computer Science with specialization in Game Dev and Mobile Technologies in CIIT

College education is an investment. It takes only one wrong move to ruin one’s future. While students have a right to pursue tertiary education, few factors prevent them from reaching academic success. In the Philippines, sending a student to a college is but a common struggle for many families. Even if the government offers low-cost learning programs and scholarship grants, funds may not be enough to help students gain a successful future. Digital arts schools offer the best courses, those that promise lucrative jobs. One of the most in-demand courses now is Computer Science.

Computer Science: Great Choice

Perhaps you are thinking of this: I cannot afford to take such a course. With this comes good investment. CS may be pricey, but the cost is worth it. As a modern course, it offers countless prospects ahead.

What should you know regarding Computer Science at CIIT?

CIIT, a premier digital arts school, offers Computer Science in two concentrations: game development (GD) and mobile technologies (MT).

What should you expect to learn when you study this course?

GD will help you master game programming, game animation, mobile GD, advanced game design and scripting, web-based GD, and multi-player and online programming. MT will help you improve your skills in programming, software engineering, software, and applications development, and other emerging technologies.

Perks to Enjoy

Spending your money on a college course is a wise move you will never regret. Choosing CIIT, you will experience your money’s worth. Here are what the school can offer as you pursue Computer Science.

Advanced curriculum – CIIT makes sure its current programs of study meet the demands of the business world.
Modern resources – The school owns advanced tools and facilities to enhance students’ skills well.
Expert teachers – CIIT hires skilled pros alone—those who have mastered the ins and outs of their chosen IT field.

Here are a few reasons for studying a CS course is a wise investment.

In-demand jobs – Both GD and MT are a multi-billion dollar trade. With mobile games and animations on the rise, developers will surely find posts in many fields.
High-paying jobs – Holding a degree in GD or MT will expose you to several much sought-after careers that offer high pay.

Enroll at CIIT and gain a fruitful career—one that pays you back way more than what you have spent in your study. For more info on CIIT’s Computer Science and other courses, e-mail

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