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Do you have a passion for playing games? Find satisfaction in saving your progress after you’ve leveled up? At CIIT, we’ve got just the course for you. Turn your passion into a profession and learn how to create the games you love to play. With the dawn of mobile technology, gaming has become accessible to everyone all around the world. This opens a multitude of possibilities for creators who can construct all sorts of games from a simple and casual pastime to an elaborate universe that presents a wide range of challenges. With solid planning and well-developed digital skills, you too can also develop your own, governed by the rules you’ve laid out.

Kickstart your game and app development career with us now!

Cultivate your competencies with our Entertainment and Multimedia Computing Program. Build on your skills by learning the basics of conceptualizing and designing a system as well as creating the graphics and planning the sequence that brings your story to life. Develop games that suit different platforms whether it be for a handheld device or a console set-up. You’ll also be able to strengthen your strategy when you undergo your internship. We can even connect you with one of our company partners, enabling you to get the real-world experience needed to master the industry as a professional. At CIIT, we teach you how to play to win.

On top of this, you will be interacting with CIITs ecosystem of digital artists, designers, and developers giving you a unique advantage of partnering with other young professionals to help design and execute tech solutions. Imagine having a game concept where your Multimedia Arts friend can design the UI/UX, characters and landscape, while another friend helps to commercialize and promote the mobile app and handle the digital marketing aspect, while you focus on ensuring that the program codes and assets are optimized, clean and bug-free. 

You will study up to twenty (20) subjects per year. Each subject is equivalent to three (3) units and requires three to five (3 – 5) hours of class time per week. Academic subjects are taught through a lecture set up. Coursework or major subjects have both lectures and practical lab-instruction classes. This is with the exception of 4th year where you will spend all class hours completing a thesis, undergoing career preparation and gaining work experience in an industry related to their degree.

*Due to the migration to online learning, CIIT has modified its curriculum from a trimestral academic calendar to conducting classes on a quarterly basis. All classes are taught through online instruction. Each subject is four (4) hours a week with 1.5 hours for lecture and 2.5 hours open for consultation.


Be the brains behind the most-talked about virtual game or app in town. Enjoy the gaming life while on the road to becoming a game developer.

What are your possible careers in the future?

  • Game Programmer
  • Game Animator
  • Game Artist/Innovator
  • Video Game Designer
  • Systems Developer
  • Multimedia Programmer
  • Software Developer


  • 50-100% fee remission
  • Offered to incoming freshmen students with excellent SHS grades


  • 20% fee remission
  • Offered to the top 50 successful applicants of the CIIT College Admissions Test

Interested students should follow the admission procedures for applicants and pass the Admission Exam before proceeding with the Scholarship application, details can be found here  


Take pride in being part of a close-knit Art and Tech community that offers a safe space for creators and innovators from diverse backgrounds. Collaborate, share your skills with peers, express your unique self and pursue what interests you.
Develop mastery of the required industry skills and competencies under the guidance of an experienced pool of Faculty. Acquire a well rounded balance of theoretical knowledge and practical skills from credible business practitioners.
Jumpstart your career with a curriculum based on the latest industry standards! Join workshops and seminars conducted by our Industry partners. Pursue your internship or employment with any of awesome companies that CIIT collaborates with.
CIIT's innovation is interweaving business, technology and arts - unique among all other EMC programs in the country. Our community is a learning and living collaboration of disciplines mentored by industry practitioners.
Experience technology enhanced learning with the leading educational LMS! Conveniently access instructional materials, discuss with your teachers or classmates, and view your subject standing at any time.
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